What Makes an MVP?

When you think of an MVP, you may think of a pitcher who pitches lights out. Or a catcher who throws out 5 runners trying to steal. You may think of the over the fence homerun that won the game, or the singular player who made the ONE BIG play.

Truth is, that each of our kids are developing at different paces and levels. One of the great things about being a coach or parent is being able to see the things the kids work on in practice, translate to the field of play come tournament day.

To others, they may not notice it. They may not notice the player who has struggled all year making contact who finally gets two solid hits after putting in time in the cages and at lessons for months. They may not notice the pitcher who finally throws her change up for a strike. They may not necessarily see the hard work the outfielder has been putting in at home and at practice learning how to track and catch those fly balls.

MVP’s come in all shapes and sizes. MVP’s are not always the ‘best’ player on the team. MVP’s do the small things with as much effort as possible, never give up, work hard and make progress that might be easy to miss. But coaches know….

While we do not believe in the trophies for all mentality, we do BELIEVE in empowering the kids who play sports by recognizing effort and hard work and passion. And we know that by doing so, we can really make a difference.

The MVP towels are for just that. A less expensive alternative to game balls that coaches can use for their own teams, AND FOR THEIR OPPONENTS.

MVP Towels http://www.store.softballisforgirls.com

From experience, we can say for sure that there is nothing better than being recognized by an opponent for hard work and effort after a game. When you meet in the circle after a game and recognize a child from another team for the effort and heart that YOU SAW, you make a huge difference in her confidence and give her something she will remember for a long time to come.

Often the simple acts of kindness and recognition can really make a difference in the life of a child. Yours and someone else’s. And at the end of the day each of us are showing up for the SUCCESS of every child!

These are on sale for just $3 through the end of June.


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