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The big question is How much money can I get to play college softball? Just how much is this gig worth? 

When you are speaking in terms of character, and enjoyment and memories – the reality is that ‘this gig’ is a priceless opportunity for our young women. Playing softball…playing sports is such a wonderful addition to the growing up process!

But at some point, when you start thinking your daughter has talent and potential, your mind drifts to recruiting. To her playing college ball somewhere. To her earning some money to get and education and continue playing the sport she loves.

The reality is that a lot of people do not really understand how recruiting works. We have seen plenty of families in just our local community spend tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) over their years working their daughter at camps and showcases and elite ‘opportunities’ vying at the chance to play in college. And unfortunately, many if not most of these ‘opportunities’ are money vacuums. We urge every single parent to realize that fastpitch softball is a BUSINESS, and what you see and hear is not always what you are going to get. There are lots and lots of pockets to fill, and the expense is being paid by hardworking families with softball players who have a dream!

We feel like the more you know, the better equipped you are to deal with the future. We also feel that it is our job and responsibility to provide YOU with accurate information so that you can have clear expectations and are able to make excellent decisions.

So how much is that college scholarship going to get you? How much do you spend on camps and showcases and elite teams before you start going into the red?

Here is your answer. On this link you will be able to see extremely accurate information about softball scholarships across the United States, as well as test score information and very specific information for each college that sponsored a softball program last year. We hope that you will use this to make good decisions and prepare for the future. COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD INFORMATION! CLICK HERE 

And, if you are seriously thinking about recruiting we strongly suggest you contact Collegiate Sports Advocate so you have some help with the process and finding the best fit for your athletes.

And as hard as your athletes work on the softball field – we also strongly SUGGEST that they work on those test scores to up their appeal to colleges. We highly recommend allowing Jen Henson to work with your athletes to improve their test scores.



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