Fastpitch Softball Drills – Coaching Tips

Do you use fastpitch drills to help condition your team?

It’s a fact that there is a fastpitch softball drill you can use for nearly every single teaching lesson known to the softball player.  And using the drills are perfect as a reminder for keeping your girls in form and teaching the fundamentals.  But how do softball fastpitch drills measure up in a game?

One of the problems with running only drill-based practices is that the edge of competitiveness that comes from playing the game are often removed from the scenario.  Plus, a drill uses the best-case scenario.  If you are hitting off a tee or a pitching machine, you are giving your girls the perfect opportunity to strengthen their swing and keep their eye on the ball – but the game element of picking out pitches is lost.
With one-hop drills, it’s pretty much the same thing.  The one hop drill helps a girl learn how to stay in front of the hop, and builds their confidence up, but isn’t always an accurate reenactment of the hops that she will get during a game.
Repetition when it comes to learning any sport are extremely important.  But remember, mix it up a bit – and make sure that you are giving your girls drills that support the best of both worlds.  Sometimes the very best drill is a down and out scrimmage that puts something on the line for all of the girls.
What are YOUR favorite softball fastpitch drills?  How do you mix it up a bit in practice?

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