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It’s February. And while many of you may not be playing softball at the moment, because well….brrrr it’s old outside – it is the time to start thinking about softball uniforms. In fact, you really should have been thinking about them before the holidays. Every spring, there is the big rush. As players move from one team to another, change age groups, and go through all the changes that they typically do…chances are your team needs uniforms.

We aren’t super big on testimonials of products or services unless we have PERSONALLY used them. But in today’s market where cost and quality are of the utmost importance, and we are all trying to get the best deal – we HAD TO SHARE this! 

We, have personally been doing travel team softball for over 10 years now. And we have literally experienced the gamut of softball. Started out with t-shirts with numbers and a logo (because why invest so much if you aren’t sure it’s going to work), went with local uniform companies, ordered online, and even once….tried to do our own. (We do not recommend that one) We never even dared look into ‘custom’ stuff because anything with the word custom in front of it literally translates to A LOT MORE MONEY (which our personal team doesn’t have)

The thing is the uniform that your team wears says a lot about them. Call us vain, but the first thing another team will notice about a team is their uniform. And while its true, that it wont directly affect how well (or unwell) you play – it does a leave  lasting impression. AND…..the old saying rings true that girls need to feel good to play good! And nothing makes a softball player feel better (besides a double play or a winning hit) than looking good while they play. 

We have personally never had luck or been a fan of ordering uniforms online. But we would like to share our personal experience with you with a company named Two-Five Apparel.

Our girls moved up into 16U this year, and since we were doing showcases and higher level tournaments we wanted a more professional and unique look. As Florida Gator fans (chomp-chomp no hating allowed), we fell in love with the Gator softball uniforms that were charcoal grey and royal blue and orange. There was nothing available in stock online anywhere in those colors. And trying to match grey pants, with uniform tops is basically impossible.

So we clicked the REQUEST QUOTE  link on the Two Five Apparel website, not really thinking that we could afford custom uniforms, or that they would have what we were looking for. Within 24 hours (don’t know if this is policy but how it worked for us), a representative got back with us and asked us what we were in need of. I showed him a picture of the uniforms that we coveted, and within 3 days they had design proofs emailed to us.

Great, right? But how much was this going to cost the team? To be honest, We hadn’t started fundraising yet, and like many folks, we are a bunch of broke parents. In the past, we had spent tons of money on uniforms and uniform essentials.

Two Five Apparel, sent us design specs, with several different options available (including spirit tee shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, cold weather gear etc) which the girls immediately loved. They were perfect and we were able to choose which items that we liked the best. All of the items were mix and match, so basically by ordering one pair of pants (and using what we already had) and two styles of jerseys – we were able to have several different uniform combinations. Ordering two pairs of pants, and 3 shirts – gave us multiple uniform options. Here are just a few of the proofs that they sent us.

IMG_8433 - Copy IMG_8438 - Copy IMG_8439 IMG_8431 IMG_8434 - Copy






And the best part was that the custom uniforms, were actually going to be less expensive (and better looking) than what we could have purchased at our local sports wear shop, or in stock online.

Local printers have to order uniforms from books and distributors. However at Two Five they actually create, dye and sew your uniforms to specifications so you can get exactly what you are looking for, rather than go with what is simply available.

The next worry of course was sizing. As you know, when it comes to uniforms – and girls – they are not one size fits all. And girls tend to be picky about how those britches fit, often preferring and living with one brand over another at all costs. Our girls were initially, admittedly not to happy about wearing something other than what they were used to.  When the sizing samples arrived, we were able to fit all the girls – and we threw caution to the wind and placed our order….. And, the sizing charts provided with each shirt style were by measurements (AND ACCURATE!)

Like most folks, who plan poorly – we had a catch too. We needed the uniforms by a deadline, so they would be ready to wear for a showcase in Savannah, GA.

The good news is that everything came in time for our showcase. And the even better news was that everything FIT, and fit well! All the girls were happy. The uniforms looked better in person than in pictures, and the team fell in love with their new duds.

The experience with TwoFive was easy, seamless, and extremely friendly. Every worry on the list of worries when you are trying to make things work for 11 kids on a team – was present in my mind prior to ordering. And spending the money of the parents on our team for them – and hoping they would just relax was not an easy tact. 

IN fact, I was prepared to be disappointed. But I was not. And neither were the girls or the parents.

And the uniforms look fantastic and are EXACTLY what we wanted. And the best part – was the price! We spent tremendously less that we ever had for an end product that looked entirely better than anything our team had ever worn. We received two styles of jerseys (one light weight, one faux button) and a pair of pants (GIRLS FIT!!! Can you hear the hallelujah chorus?) with piping. (Below are two of the final results)

photo 1 photo 4






The bottom line is that WE ARE A TWO FIVE CUSTOMER and we WOULD enthusiastically recommend them to any and every fastpitch team that is looking for awesome custom uniforms at an extremely affordable price.

The best part is quotes are free! So you have nothing to lose by seeing what options are available. REQUEST YOUR QUOTE TODAY! 

Stay turned! Next up we will talk HONESTLY about the REALLY important stuff. Like how they washed, how they have worn so far (durability) and how re-ordering has gone now that we have added some new players to the team! 





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