You Know You’re A Softball MOM if

It’s Mothers Day! And we know from years of hanging around the ballpark, that MOTHERS, whether they are aunts, Grandma’s, Nana’s, or otherwise are one of the big reasons that these girls play ball! If you are a softball mom, then you can bet that not only are you creating memories for your family and daughter – but you are also fostering the DREAM and empowering her to be all she can be ON and OFF the field.

softball mom

Being a softball mom is not easy. Crock pot dinners become your best friend, and the miles add up on your car. Money gets tight and chances are you sacrifice a lot to ensure that your daughter can play ball. Today, we CELEBRATE YOU! You are doing the best you can, and while life may seem busy and hectic and CRAZY – the reality is that these are the moments, this time spent with your daughter – is the stuff that LIFE is made of.

So today, a little Jeff Foxworthy spin-off…. You know you’re a softball mom if……..

1. You have stayed up late to wash and uniform so that it could be worn again the next day without your daughter smelling like a rotting onion.

2.  You have dried socks or jerseys using the vents (or windows) in your car.

3. You find yourself hoarse or unable to talk on the day after a softball tournament from all the cheering.

4.  You have felt physical and emotional pain – as if it was your very own, watching your daughter endure a tough time on the field. Sat in the stands and prayed for a miracle and for God to help your daughter!

5.  You have a flip flop/ farmers tan and dirt under your toe nails.

6. Most of your closet is made up of softball tee shirts.

7. Your favorite number and color are the ones your daughter (or daughters) wears on their back.

8.  You start planning for a weekend tournament on Wednesday the week before. Making lists and grocery shopping.

9. You have mastered the art of packing the car and getting all the necessities up to the ball park with ease.

10. Your car is filled with field dirt, half empty water bottles, dirty socks, hair bows and sunflower seeds.

11. You know the best place to catch breakfast in the wee early am hours on the way to nearly every park within an hour of your home.

12.  The weather app is your best friend and pretty much dictates whether you will ever have a day off. It’s also your go-to app on game days if storms are close.

13. Your couch is full of clean laundry, doubling as a closet since you are never home to sit on it – or have time to every really get the laundry completely done.

14. Your best friend is your crock pot!

15.  Your “Family” includes TONS of folks that aren’t blood related to you and of whom you spend more time with than anyone else.

16. Your wallet is empty, but your cooler and HEART are full!

17. You are your daughters #1 fan!

18. You’re phone is full of softball pictures.

19.  You are #blessed beyond measure.

20..  You’re favorite thing to do is watch your daughter play. Regardless of how much money, time and stress softball can cause you – it is ALL and ALWAYS worth it on GAME day to watch your daughter play.

NOW tell US! What would you add? 


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