You Know Your Daughter is a Pitcher When….

Not every kid is cut out to be a pitcher.

And then you walk through Home Depot one day and are hanging out in the plumbing aisle and see a young girl tagging along with her dad who is ‘air pitching’ down the aisle among the PVC pipes.

It is then you realize that some girls are just born to pitch.

So today, just a short and sweet adage to pitchers and their families as we introduce our newest design JUST FOR PTICHERS!

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You know your daughter is a pitcher when….. 

  • All of the balls in your bucket are marked with sharpie marks so you can actually see ‘spin’
  • You are just as comfortable sitting on a bucket as you are on the couch (back when you used to have time to sit on the couch before softball ever started, and now you are wearing out buckets faster than furniture)
  • Your daughters cleats seem to always have holes in one foot and you have actually looked online to see if it is possible to buy and replace just one cleat for the drag foot.
  • You say “I can’t my daughter has a pitching lesson” a lot – so much so that your non softball pitcher friends probably think you are making it up to avoid them.
  • Nothing makes you crazier than a big ol’ fat can of corn fly ball that lingers in the air for days, that somehow gets dropped by an outfielder. Sigh.
  • You know that not all seams are created equal...and you know that your pitcher knows the difference in the seams and it will affect her game if you try and give her the wrong ones…
  • It’s difficult to sit with the team parents during a game because you either want to throat punch someone for saying something stupid, or are about to have a panic attack watching your little girl battle it out in the circle and are worried YOU may something stupid that will get you throat punched.
  • Nothing STOPS your pulse faster than a ball hit straight up the middle…
  • What you call snaps and what the rest of the world calls snaps (snapchat) are two entirely different things.
  • You KNOW the strike zone – and you also KNOW that not all strike zones are created equal, no matter what people say about the plate being 17 inches…
  • If umpires could read your mind, you would have been thrown out of many games.
  • Blow pops are your best friend come game time.
  • You have been to enough pitching lessons to GIVE pitching lessons.
  • You know what your daughter is doing wrong when she is struggling and could tell her for FREE how to fix it, but she won’t listen to it unless it comes from her pitching coach.
  • You say things like “Get ahead” “Work ahead,” “Stay ahead” – “That was nothing but a long strike” and “Win it” A LOT!
  • You know the dumbest thing you can say to your daughter in the circle is “THROW A STRIKE” – But you say it anyways.
  • Anywhere is a good place to work on drills. In the living room, at the store, in the car, at school, in the yard.
  • Speaking of your yard… it has been forever marked from the hours of backyard pitching. (just like your heart has)
  • You believe that all the new bats are made just too hot…

This could go on forever! Tell us, what would you add?



  1. Tammy Aston on September 29, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    You know which sock she wore on her drag foot because you could plant a garden with the dirt the comes out of it!!

  2. Noah on October 15, 2017 at 7:07 am

    Definitely applies to me and my girl! 😉

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