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The dream of a softball emoji is nothing new. Each year, when new emoji’s are released, us softballers wait anxiously to see our beautiful safety green ball with 88 red laces, so we can quit using the daggone baseball (or tennis ball).

And then there is the disappointment because, guess what… IT’S NOT THERE!

Equality is something that all of us, in the female athletic community, are used to not having.

The lack of a softball emoji feels like just yet another slap in the face, with no Title 9 to make it better. We have whined, complained, taken to social media, moaned and talked about the lack of a softball emoji collectively. To no avail! 

We have even publicly called out Apple. (Sorry, Apple!) 

And apparently, we have been going about this ALL WRONG ALL ALONG, our whining and bitching and complaining and feeling victimized has been all in vain, because NO ONE is listening.

Here’s why. 

You see, there is this super secret elite organization called UNICODE CONSORTIUM, and they and they alone are responsible for ALL the emojis across all platforms in ALL the world…. (That’s some pretty powerful secret society shizzle!) Just the name of the organization sounds intimidating and Hunger Games like to me….

Getting an emoji has nothing to do with Android or Apple. Nothing. Zero. Nada. 

The super special secret and uber powerful people behind the Unicode Consortium meet weekly frim various locations across the globe, and every year they approve the new batch of proposed emojis.

The emojis have to go through a rigorous (pain inthe ass)  proposal process as well as a be available online for review for a lengthy period of time without objection from the general worldwide public, because LAWD KNOWS WE DON’T WANT TO OFFEND ANYONE ON THE EARTH.

During this time of being in the proposal process there is ALOT of things (and we mean A LOT) that are considered. For a full list of the process as well as the things that will be considered, you can click here 

If you don’t want to read all the boring emoji proposal and selection details, just know this.

One of the most difficult things on the planet is getting an emoji approved and ready for the next emoji updates, which happen around June of every year.

SO What can we do? We don’t just wanna sit by and take it? What kind of example would that be? Anything is possible, right?

Do we just live with the fact that we have to put baseballs (gag, spit cough) in our texts to friends about our beloved sport? Do we just sit back and feel victimized, yet again – because softball is not being recognized like WE think it should? I mean COME ON PEOPLE – we are back in the OLYMPICS and that should stand for SOMETHING!

Did the people at the UNICODE CONSORTIUM actually watch game one of the Womens College World Series???? Or were they too busy meeting about whether or not the emoji symbol for chopsticks would offend anyone who uses a fork? Apparently they didn, because if they had they would know what a bada$$ sport this is, that not only deserves an emoji but a whole dang keyboard of emojis!!!!

NO – We will not do NOTHING! 

So, on a serious note. As of right now, the softball emoji is not on the list or proposed emojis, so we, have started the long, boring, mundane process getting it there – and we will need your help in the future to make sure it’s voted on by Y’ALL so that it can maybe get approved. So stay tuned to us on Facebook for updates.

We are sincerely hoping that since it completes a ‘set’ in the sports category that we can sneak it in easily. And we are committed to following through all the red tape and secret society rules to try and make this happen.

But we NEED YOU! We need to provide specific artwork as well as other technical information and this will take money, so if you would like to donate to the cause – whether 25 cents or $2.00 it would be helpful.. Here is a little donate button to get you started. 

In the meantime we have found an app developer who will create ALL OF US an amazing set of perfect softball emojis that will suit everything you could ever want softball wise, on your devices for about $2,000. So we are crowdsourcing for that as well…. Unfortunately, we have not made it to the big time yet to do this with our own resources without being unable to feed our kids…so we need your help. And anything from a quarter to a dollar will add up. If you cannot donate, or do not wish to – then sharing this post is help enough…

So maybe we can do this TOGETHER. Maybe we can crack the Unicode Consortium ‘code; and get us a softball emoji in next years batch...
To do our part, we are taking some of the proceeds from all sales of our new shirt, to put toward the cause of raising money for the softball emoji! So getting one of these awesome new shirts will help as well.


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