When your Cleats hit the Ground! | Softball is For Girls

I’ve seen you looking fancy, in a dress and sparkly gown

You’re makeup done and lipstick on, with ringlets falling down.

I see you in the mornings as you get dressed for school

Trying hard to look your best, to make sure you ‘feel cool!’

I’ve sat with you in your room, your hair a jumbled mess

Mismatching socks and comfy pants, and you’re beautiful nonetheless

So many nights I have watched you sleep, contented with your dreams

I’ve stroked your face and kissed your cheek under gentle moonlit beams.

That picture of you on the mantel, sand & beach beneath your toes

Kissed by summer, suntanned legs, your beauty truly glows.

But in all the days I have seen you, dressed up or bumming around

It seems to me you glow the most when your cleats hit the ground. 

Your socks pulled up past your knees with holes in the heel

That any other time in your life would make you squirm and squeal

I’m not sure if it’s the softball pants, the jersey or the glove

But everything about you suddenly seems to glow with LOVE!

It’s in these moments at the field, you’re carefree and having fun

That confidence, happiness and beauty – join perfectly as one.

So my dear, always remember this, with everything you do

It’s HAPPINESS not clothes nor hair, that make perfect BEAUTIFUL YOU!

If I could give you just one gift, for a lifetime to keep you warm

It would be that you always remember how you feel wearing the uniform!

Pretty, stunning and beautiful – strong and happy too

Are the gifts that softball has lovingly given to you.

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