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If you spend enough time at the fast-pitch softball fields, then you KNOW that there are some amazingly awesome plays being made out there on the dirt and grass of America’s softball fields.

Some, no matter who makes them – no matter whether it be from you team or an opponents, are just amazing and make you want to stand up on your feet and cheer and clap and hoot and holler! So here we go! Let us know what you WOULD add!

Today – Tuesdays Top 10 are the top 10 plays of fast-pitch softball! 

  1. The diving scorpion catch in the outfield. No way she caught that ball, even she is surprised she caught that ball, and yet she did. She caught it, Bellied up, and scooped it up with her glove like a pro! Outfielders TRULY save games…and we love them!
  2. The bunt that turns into an in the park home-run. Stinks for the other team, because they will probably be in a heap of trouble – but for the girl who bunted and her team, its super cool to watch your opponent turn into the female rendition of the Bad News Bears and listen to the coaches and parents from the other team hollering “Just HOLD the ball!”
  3. Out of the park home-runs! With bat technology, they are becoming super common. But if you get to catch someone’s first out of the park home-run…than that is a lucky moment to witness.
  4. Walk off hits – home-runs, dingers, line drives to the outfield that score the winning run. Whatever…Just amazing. Great for the kid! They will always remember them, and they just feel so awesome.
  5. A play from the knees or from the belly of an infielder. When you see a kid hustle to get the ball, completely compromise her body for the sake of making the play, then make a throw from her knees, or butt, or whatever body part she lands on and get the out…That’s cool. Even if she doesn’t get the out, it’s still super cool to see a player do everything it takes and never give up on a ball!
  6. Watching a good pitcher deal. Really, it’s and art form. To see how well they can move and spin and place the ball. Good pitching, really good pitching, is not something you face everyday – and as the kids get older, there is nothing like watching a girl throw a deceptive change or an irresistible rise ball. It’s really fun to watch, but totally stinks to be up against her.
  7.  Hard hit line drives caught and hit. We mean the ones that are literally put on a rope! Typically out of self defense more than anything else. Have to appreciate how perfectly the batter hit the ball – AND how well the fielder caught it!
  8. A good run down. No matter how they end up, they are so much fun to watch and give fans about the same adrenaline rush as being held up at a convenience store.
  9. Love watching a catcher throwing out girls stealing. The best catchers sit quietly like a cat about to attack its prey, and then STRIKE! And when they make great throws and pick off a kid stealing, its so much fun to watch! (Catchers do not get enough credit)
  10. Clever coaching & Base Running. If you have ever played a team that spent a lot of time coaching and practicing base running, you realize it is an art form. It takes a coach willing to take risks and trust his or her players, and base running truly is game changing. Have to be honest, playing against teams that are fast and clever on the bases really tests defense, but you have to sit back and appreciate the harmony of it all when it works well. It’s almost like dancing. And the coach is the choreographer.

What would you add? Got any great shots of your player making a sports center play? If so, we would LOVE to see them in comments so we can share! 

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