Tips for Coaching Fastpitch Girls

If you are coaching fastpitch, then you know that their mindsets can often get in the way of their performance on the team.  One girl in a bad mood can set off a ripple effect in the dugout and if your not careful, can cause you to assign quite a few laps around the outfield.

Getting your kids in shape mentally is just as important as it is physically.  So how does a coach do this? 

  • We beleive that every practice or game should begin with something positive.  Let’s face it, girls love to have their egos rubbed.  Coaches should be sensitive to the emotions of the girls and try to inject humor and camraderie by talking about all the things that they are doing right.  If its before a game, give a pep talk – and joke about just how much the other team sucks or something, anything….to take the edge off.
  • Another important aspect of coaching girls is not to feed jealousy.  The over performers on your team can be GREAT leaders.  They can provide your other players a peer that they can look up to and learn from.  BUT…never put that girl on a pedastol.  The minute you raise and praise her above and beyond the others, you create a monster within your team.  Make sure you treat your players evenly.  Sure, you have your favorites, but do your best to not show the team that.
  • Another tip, is to start off with something like running, even before stretching.  Giving girls a quick activity that wil help them burn off energy is essential to getting frustrations and stresses out.
  • Have a team ‘something.’  It could be a handshake, or a cheer, or a sign.  You have to create things to bind the girls together – an inside proxy that only the teams know about.  And practice it often!!!  This helps girls feel like they belong to something special, and its fun.
  • Talk to your girls.  You might not know what is going on at home, with a boyfriend or in social studies class.  You dont have to get ultra personal, but you should remember that you are in a role model position.  If you take time to ask your kids about their day, about school – about friends – you show them that you care about them, and not just their mad skills on the field.

What are YOUR Tips for Keeping Your Girls Minds Right throughout the season?


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