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Sit back and listen, and you will see a lot of folded hands, and prayers going up at the ballfield. Whether for a hitting slump to end, the hopeful prayer that an injured player is not too injured, that the rain will not come and ruin a tournament mid-day along with a million others things.

Once someone told us, in regard to a debate about playing on Sundays, that they would rather be on a softball field thinking about God, than in a church thinking about softball.

Today – we present you with the Softball Moms Prayer ( Copyrighted 2016 by SIFG) IF you share, please do so properly by linking back here. 


I am proud to be a Softball MOM

And This is my Prayer

Dear Lord, Thank you for allowing my daughter to play such an amazing game. I am grateful.

I love to watch her play and cherish every moment at the ballfield.

Please keep her, her teammates, her coaches and her opponents out of harm’s way.

May they always play hard, but fair. May they always play to win, but lose with integrity.

May they come home dirty, but play clean. May they always feel blessed.

May they always show respect for themselves and everyone that makes this game possible..

And at the end of the day – win or lose, may everything they do be for your Glory.



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