The Life of a Pitcher | Softball is For Girls

When they show up on the field, any given Saturday

With butterflies and excitement, they are ready to play. 

They take a look at the circle, and inspect the mound

Where the deep trenches from those who came before them are found. 

They warm up their snaps, their grips and their throws

And say a silent prayer that they’ll pitch like the pros. 

But what most don’t know or fail to see 

Is what goes in to this gig doesn’t come for free. 

They can be seen at home throwing a rolled up sock against the wall 

Practicing their pitching as they walk down the hall. 

In the grocery store, the aisles make the perfect place

to practice their mechanics with perfect grace. 

When the rest of the team is taking a day to rest 

She is at lessons giving it her best.

She sits on the couch with a ball in her fingers

Learning to grip the raised seams and prevent future dingers.

Even at night when she lays down in her bed

She prays and envisions pitching in her head.

A fast ball, a change a curve and a screw

Location and accuracy takes such hard work to accrue. 

So they air pitch through their life, dreaming and wishing

That come game day, its strikes and ground balls they’ll be dishing

They have to battle with their brains when someone takes they yard

Push their bodies to fight more when things get hard.

She hopes those long hours she puts in, the tears and the sweat 

Will lead to a pitching performance she will never forget. 

And it’s not for the glory, the fame or the dream…

She does what she does because she LOVES her team! 

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