Fun Fundraising | Softball Is For Girls

The problem with fundraising is that for most parents, it is a chore. Sure, it helps to off set costs – but honestly – who has the time to go around selling candles to people all year. Truth is most fundraisers focus on items that people don’t really need and this is why the parents…

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Softball Fundraising – Part II

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Last week, we started Money Mondays – in the hopes of sharing fundraising ideas with other softball families. No doubt, softball is an expensive sport and with so many of us searching for sponsorships and scrambling to raise money (and with BASEBALL to compete with) – girls softball teams often get left with the bread…

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Fundraising for Softball – Part 1

It’s that time again. The onset of a new season is upon us. This means two things. Teams and parents are looking for money to support their daughters passion AND parents are frantically clinging to their pocketbooks. Softball is an expensive sport, there is no doubt. With so  many softball fundraising options, it can be…

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