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The problem with fundraising is that for most parents, it is a chore. Sure, it helps to off set costs – but honestly – who has the time to go around selling candles to people all year. Truth is most fundraisers focus on items that people don’t really need and this is why the parents themselves end up purchasing the items.

We have been searching for useful fundraising ideas for you. And we cannot stress this enough! Even if you are raising money for a JULY event you must start now, because sadly but truthfully, baseball teams seem to suck up more of the fundraising money than softball as businesses seem more apt to give the boys teams money than the girls teams. So START NOW! TODAY! Before people run out of funds.

The easiest of course is to just ask people for money.  Ask relatives or businesses if they would like to make a donation to the team and let them know what it is for. And for businesses that donate, be sure to include them on your team banner and PLEASE SEND THEM A SIGNED THANK YOU CARD!  We always suggest starting with this method of raising money, because every member of your softball team likely has a different circle of friends and business acquaintances. And look, all they can say is NO. But you might be surprised at how many are willing to give you anywhere from $25 to $500 bucks.

We have recently started working with the amazing folks at EYE BLACK, and didn’t realize that they have an awesome fundraiser for a product you will actually be HAPPY TO BUY! Eye Black was super kind and did our custom eye blacks for Type 1 awareness month (free of charge!) They have also completely supported GIRLS FASTPITCH by being willing to sponsor us for our upcoming book release. (Not many companies are willing to buy into GIRLS FASTPITCH!) And they offer a fundraising program where you can purchase CUSTOM EYE BLACKS for your team. So not only are they useful, but you also make a decent amount of money by actually investing in something that you need and want! Click on either picture below to get started with a NO HASSLE custom product your parents and players will love! 

Another awesome item (WE THINK) is the Bucket of Soap fundraiser. The reason we LOVE this is because there is not anyone out there who couldn’t use good quality, low-priced laundry detergent. Successful fundraising occurs when you actually have something of VALUE to give to your participants. You can make quite a bit of money off each bucket of soap sold, and we have to say that we have worked with Doug, and he is great to deal with. He really takes a lot of pride in his company. You can contact them by clicking RIGHT HERE! Leave your information and he will get back to you ASAP! 

Our High School softball team is doing the Dominoes Pizza Fundraiser right now and it is also a great value to the people buying it. Essentially for $10, we buy a pizza card and every time we order a large pizza, we get one large pizza FREE. So this pays for itself in one visit. Contact your  local Dominoes Pizza for more information on how to get started! (And if you Want a Dominoes PIZZA CARD CLICK HERE AND WE WILL GET YOU ONE!) 

Spirit Nights are also a great way to raise money! In our area, Chic-Fi-Le and Waffle House host spirit nights were a percentage of the proceeds of sales during a set time period go to the team. These are amazingly easy fundraisers and take little set up and basically don’t require individuals to do anything aside from eat their meal they planned to eat anyways! As mentioned, it’s a lot easier to get people to invest when they are making a purchase that is part of their normal routine!

Stay tuned NEXT WEEK for some more fundraising ideas. And PLEASE LET US KNOW what you’re favorite way to raise money for your team is!

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