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Three years ago, November was just November. A cold and dreary month where I personally worried about holidays and everything else that a parent could possibly worry about it.

But then, things changed. Our daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a few short years ago and now for us, November is TYPE 1 Awareness month.

Here at SIFG, the cause is near and dear to our hearts for obvious reasons. We believe that these children are true WARRIORS. It is not uncommon to find these kiddos being the most competitive and fierce athletes on the field.

The easy thing for parents and kids in this situation would be to put our children in a bubble. Blood sugar is a finicky beast, and just about everything affects it. So when these kids are participating in sports and going balls to the walls as competitors, there is always concern and worry involved. (Mostly for the parents)

We truly want to celebrate these ATHLETES this month during NOVEMBER! Not just the softball players – but ALL THE KIDS that PLAY ALL THE SPORTS and that WARRIOR on regardless of their medical condition. We want to celebrate their diligence and determination and drive. We want to celebrate their ability to be strong and tough and never ever let anything bring them down!

This month we want you to share your T1D WARRIORS with us, always fighting the silent battle and never letting anything hold them back. They deserve to be celebrated.

So please, share your T1D STRONG Warrior with us this month! And we truly hope that you enjoy this shirt – because as those of us on the inside know – a juice box and insulin can handle pretty much anything! 🙂 

As part of our awareness, we have created this shirt. We will be making a donation to JDRF with some of the proceeds of this shirt, in the hopes that through research one day all of our children battling T1D may find a cure!




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