What the Heck is a SOFTBALLA BOX?

One of the perks to being an influencer in the softball world is that you get to see tons of super cool softball things. We can test out bats, and training devices and if we love them, we can share them with you. Well today, we are going to review the SOFTBALLA BOX.

In the decade since we have been around, we have seen some pretty cool things. But being honest, we have to say that the Softball Box to date, has been our favorite product. Here’s Why.

For one thing, the box is packed full of stuff. But not just stuff. Good stuff. High quality stuff that you would find at real sporting stores. And, in case you are new to the sport, included with the ‘stuff’ is extremely articulate, well written (with pictures) instructions on how to use everything inside.

So what’s inside?

Softball box is a subscription service, which means they send you a new box periodically, so each box is different.

But the box that we received had a amazing quality short training bat, practice balls, a reaction ball, workout resistance bands, a drawstring bag, super cute stickers, a reusable tumbler, chapstick, a bar of soap (that we are genuinely hoping will get rid of foot stink), a bow, a pop socket, softball bracelets, and extremely well laid out training packets that will help your softball player improve her game.

The how-to instructions include a plethora of drills and skill challenges that are not only FUN for your player (which we promise keeps her excited about playing) but also fundamentally SOUND. Meaning, her game will improve.

Of course, with 12 and 13-year-old players of our own, we put the box to the test. It’s easy for adults to say “Wow this is great” and then our kids take a look at it and start playing with the box.

Here is a peak at our softball players opening the box!

They were genuinely excited. Once the box was opened, we let them have at it. Next thing we knew they were out in the yard figuring it all out. Of course, they didn’t read the directions or the how-to’s, at least not at first – but they did play for hours with the contents of the box. And when coach dad got home they learned how to do some real work to improve their skill set.

They also had a blast playing with the reaction ball, and the foam balls and mini bat ended up becoming part of a game that took over the living room.

And then they fought a little bit over who got the stickers, bracelet and pop socket. 🙂

We also went to an Un-Named BIG sports store to price out the equipment from inside the box. We could not find a comparable bracelet at the store (because you know those “BIG STORES” do not focus on softball) but the total cost for all the training equipment and fun stuff was over $200.

And the Softballa Box was only $99. (There is a $20 Off coupon on their website currently.

Click Here to CHECK OUT the Softballa BOX on line!

The Softballa Box motto is:


“A subscription box that provides industry leading training tools, drills and of course gear! Delivered to your door 4X for every season! 

SoftballaBox Is your one stop shop to take your softball swag & game to the next level!  

Achieve these 3 goals in every box: 


And honestly, it does exactly those things. We are pretty sure that you will love it as much as we did. It’s difficult to transfer how impressed we were with the quality of the products as well as how immaculate and clear the training guides inside were. We see a lot of junk out there, an this is definitely NOT JUNK!

We are fairly certain that no family (parent or player) will be disappointed with the Softball Box!


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