How Not to Freeze Your A$$ OFF!

The news of the week is that it is cold. Very cold in most of the country, many places that aren’t used to the kind of cold that literally feels like it is cracking your bones. Considering how cold this winter has been, I am seriously questioning the entire global warming theory. Anyhoo.. Today, we want to teach you how not to freeze your ass off while watching your kid play any of the sports that require outdoor viewing because we KNOW staying home is NOT an option.


We’ve done some research and found some great products that have great reviews (and some we actually own already) that we think will fit in well with your sports parent lifestyle.

Unless you live somewhere that requires “moon boots” for the snow, chances are your feet are always cold when you are outdoors. These rechargeable warming socks can solve that problem. The best part is they are priced very reasonably at under $25!

heated softball socks

Another great product that our family personally loves, is this outdoor firepit. Somehow just seeing and sitting near some flames makes us feel warmer, even if we are cold. And we like to bring this to tournaments, because the kids love to sit around it. Combine it with a butane powered marshmallow roaster and you might just think you are camping instead of sitting at the ballfield.

softball campfire

NEXT up!! This is for all the LADIES in the house… HEATED PANTS. I know, what could be better than heated pants. These have great reviews unlike some of the heated undergarments. We are thinking that these may be the best thing ever invented, so if you have tried them we would love to know what you think. (They do make these for men, too – but for some reason we see the dudes always wearing shorts no matter how cold it is, so didn’t think they would think they were cool!)

heated softball pants

The next thing really is useful for a bunch of reasons, and it has multiple uses. Instead of a heated chair, we have chosen to use these because we can put them inside a regular chair, our kids can use them on the dugout benches, and they can even give me the luxury of having heated seats in my car. Plus, they are lightweight and of course, rechargeable.

heated softball chair

LAST, but certainly not least is The Sports Sak! If you use all the things above, and then put on The Sports Sak, not only will you be warm and toasty, but you will be able to endure the ballfields even through the championship games.. (We see you people that park close to the fields and have to watch from your heated cars) The Sports Sak is a small business endeavor from a sports family just like you, and it is the warmest, most comfy outer layer you will find. Just don’t stand to close to your portable fire kit, because we would hate to see you set yourself on fire!

You can reach out to the folks at The Sports Sak right here on their Facebook Page!

sports sak

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