A Softball Players Prayer

A Softball Players Prayer!



Dear Softball Gods,


Please, oh please – bless this bat

May the pitches come in slow and fat.

May the fielders bobble and boot my ball

May me legs on the bases, fail to stall.

May I always find the secret sweet spot

And hit hard ground balls and fast pea shots.

May I handle the balls that come my way

Making good throws with every play.

May my teammates spirits continue to soar

So we may constantly be able to score.

Please bless the umps to do what they should

And keep all the players safe and good.

May the dugout ring with laughter and cheers

May I quickly beat my own performance fears.

At the end of the day may my coaches be proud

And may I see smiles among the large crowd.

When its all over and the games are done,

May I leave the field knowing that I HAD FUN!







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