Softball is For Girls Turns 5

birthday_greeting_card_with_yellow_softball_design-rdd95bb61db244208bda24fabceec518b_xvuak_8byvr_512Five years ago today, SIFG launched its Facebook page and published its first post. At the time, we had 6 – yes 6 fans on Facebook, and we were related to most of them.

The goal then…which is still the goal now, was to create a community of like-minded, fastpitch enthusiast families, from all levels of play – where people could come together to empower the girls, parents, coaches and fans of fastpitch.

Thanks to YOU – we are now over 140K fans strong on Facebook, have 32K Instagram followers and get around 100K visitors to our website each and every month. And our weekly reach is around 500K per week! We cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH for your support! 

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Building a brand that people can trust, has not been without its struggles. When we started selling merchandise, we had a lot to learn. Along the way, we have lost and upset a few customers – and have made our fair share of mistakes. Facebook makes so many algorithm changes on a weekly basis – that trying to reach everyone is nearly impossible at times. And of course, as a large family with four daughters – who all play softball – coaching ourselves, and trying to just maintain sanity through daily living –  learning to balance a home based business and family has not always been easy.

We have seen our fair share of haters. We have seen our trolls on the internet. We have posted things that have made some people angry, and trust us, we have read more than our fair share of emails from people who criticize us for one thing or another (even had someone threaten to burn out house down because of one our Christian shirt designs). And yet still….we stand.

Still…we work hard every day to empower our girls and parents and coaches. Still, we are constantly thinking of new ways to improve our presence, and to offer our fans VALUE – whether it be in the form of advice or through our merchandise.

Still, we believe that these athletes of ours are amazing, and beautiful and deserve to have a platform that belongs just to them. We have nothing against boys softball or baseball – we just feel that there is plenty of emphasis on those sports.

Still, we remain focused on being an open platform where we can learn from one another, feel safe posting pictures of our daughters, ask questions, and learn from one anothers experience.

We have thought about pulling the plug many times. And each time, some fan – someone like you, sends us an email or makes a comment, or posts a picture that shows us we are making a difference, and that we are achieving our goals, and that we are doing something important here! So we keep going.


In honor of our birthday/anniversary, we have launched a new and exciting side to SIFG. We will now be able to provide low cost uniform jersey solutions for teams. We have expanded our discount programs and options for teams ordering shirts from us. As softball parents and coaches ourselves, we know the struggles that each of you feel, and it is our desire to help address each of them. You can check out our new uniform and team discount page by clicking here. 

We also have launched an extremely EASY and user friendly ONLINE platform in conjunction with TEAM WORKS where teams can organize fundraisers. And since they are online, rather than just selling in your local community – teams can reach people all over the United States, and there is no SELLING involved! It’s simple to set up, and you can reach your fundraising goals in no time.  You can check that out by clicking here. 

We also remain vigilant on partnering with organizations and companies that will offer exclusive discounts for our fan-base, making the sport more affordable. Because we know firsthand that the most important thing about faspitch softball is keeping the girls on the field – for as long as possible! And that TAKES a village! 

Additionally, we will continue to improve and expand out store – offering you the coolest and most relevant items for your family. We have just recently added room decor.

go-ahead-run_POSTERFear of striking out

And all of our designs all come with a positive message! They are not your ordinary fast-pitch items.

For us, it all goes back to our main goal, which is empowering the fastpitch community!

catchers-rock_store-display-graphicfastpitch-life_product_display (1)fight_PLAYER_storedisplaygraphic

Personalized SEAMS


In honor of our birthday, we are doing a week long Two for $30 sale on all of our regularly prices short sleeved shirts!  Just Use CODE HAPPYBDAY at Checkout! And all orders placed from today Through Friday will be automatically entered to win a set of TEAM SHIRTS! 

The future is looking bright for the girls of fastpitch and for Softball is For Girls! We hope that you will continue to stick with us and support us as we continually open more doors and strive to improve ourselves. And today, we just want to say THANK YOU! Our growth over the past five years would not be possible without each and every one of you!


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