Softball. In her Own Words.

SIFG will be starting something new for our social media pages! This sport is about the girls, but the reality is that we rarely hear FROM THEM directly. We hear a lot from the parents. So Every Monday, we will be posting video challenge questions.

The concept is simple. We give you one simple question to ask your player….and she answers it – in her own words, with her own feelings, and input. There is no right or wrong answer. We aren’t looking for scripts. Just honesty.

We feel that there is much for us to learn from the girls that actually are on the field playing. And from the mouths of babes, comes valuable insight.

The video should be no more than 30 seconds long….can include their face or not, whichever they prefer. The goal is CANDIDNESS and CLARITY and HONESTY. Answers can be funny, heartfelt – whatever honestly comes from THEIR heart at the moment. Once the video is complete, either email it to us at or upload it to our wall on Facebook so that they can be shared.  Each week we will send the first person to submit their video via email or on Facebook a free SIFG shirt!

This weeks question….(It’s an easy one) “What is your #1 favorite thing about PLAYING softball?”


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Softball proverbs


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