It’s NOT the Softball BAT

Yes, the holidays are approaching, and yes that means lots of girls in softball land have their eye on new softball gear.  (Heck, I got my eye on some new softball gear too).

But there is one thing that I would like to make clear with everyone before they go dumping yet another $300 into the latest and greatest bat.

If your daughter doesn’t hit well l, or cannot SEE the ball – a new bat is not going to miraculously turn her into Amanda Chidester or Brittany Schutte. Just yesterday, I saw a post on Facebook that said, “Here is your new bat – hope this makes you hit the ball better!” The thing is….

It’s not the softball bat that makes the hitter, its the hitter that makes the bat.

Now, we will be the first ones to admit that we believe that BELIEVING MAKES IT SO in life.

So if your daughter is not hitting well and ‘totally believes’ in that whole hearted way that girls believe things that she is going to hit good with the brand spanking new Xeno, then she probably WILL hit better. At least a little.

We will also readily admit that a good bat, really can add some distance and pop to your hitting.

But its important to know that if her hitting mechanics are off, if she is not starting soon enough, if she has some bad habits in her swing, or if she is not literally SEEING the ball well enough to hit it – a new bat WILL NOT make much of a difference. It may give her more incentive TO hit, but it certainly wont fix any problems common at the plate.

There are a tremendous amount of people in the softball community who have an arsenal of bats. Who each and every time a new bat is released, they quickly as possible get on the pre-order list and rush out to buy it – setting the old one aside for a rainy day.  (Or selling it). And bat manufacturers KNOW this, that’s why they come out with new models every year that claim to be better, more bang for the buck, have more pop, etc. And they do. The engineering and components involved in bat making today are truly mind blowing. The research that goes into making a bat the MOST effective bat on the market is a million dollar industry.

But if you as a softball player, or your daughter – doesn’t know how to handle said bat, they are still going to have dead hits, pop ups, or miss the ball completely. New bats cannot fix bad mechanics.

We at Softball is For Girls, believe that a hitter can hit with anything.

We’ve seen plenty of girls hit homeruns – a few even out of the park, with Wal-Mart aluminum bats. We’ve seen teeny tiny little girls knock the stew out of a ball, with both composite and non-composite bats. But its the girl and her mechanics, and technique doing the hitting.

Our advice.  Use the new bat as incentive!  But invest your money in hitting lessons.  Go to the cages.  A lot. Remain consistent. And most of all, employ one of the most widely used methods for being an AWESOME HITTER.  PRACTICE! Practice and more practice.  Great hitters HIT the ball a lot. Spend a lot of time in batting cages. They can hit with a broom handle if they have to.



  1. Matt on November 19, 2013 at 6:06 am

    It’s about feeling good at the plate, if having the the right bat can help with that, then that person’s confidence will build up therefore produce better stats at least until a newer model comes out.

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