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We, at Softball is For Girls LLC, personally LOVE Demarini.

And when ‘wee little us‘ approached “BIG them” to see if they would be willing to partner on a 2015 CF7 BAT Giveaway, we didn’t expect to get a response.

Well now we have brick dust in our eyes BECAUSE……

Not only did we GET a response (which we did NOT from some other WELL-KNOWN bat companies), they graciously donated a 2015 33/23 Demarini CF7 to giveaway!

So here are Da’ Rules. (Because every contest has to have RULES) And there are THREE WAYS to enter!

The first way to enter, is to find us on Instagram.

We are easy to find, at Softball Is For Girls. Make sure you are FOLLOWING US! Then, find Demarinifp. And make sure you are FOLLOWING THEM!

Next up, SHARE the graphic below on your IG (also available on INSTAGRAM) and tag #sifgbatgiveaway #demarinifp and of course #sifg so we can FIND your entry!

So basically, its FOLLOW, FOLLOW, SHARE, HASHTAG! Simple, right? The more YOU SHARE and TAG, the more times you will be entered in our contest.


The Second way to enter is to sign up for our EMAIL LIST! Our email list helps ensure you will never miss a sale, a post, a contest, a giveaway, or any other important softball related news and information! You can sign up right here:

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And last but not least, all customers who order shirts from February 3rd – February 13th will be automatically entered to win.  The “Play with Heart” Sale is almost over, so dont forget to get you two shirts for $25! 

Winner will receive one 2015 Demarini 33/23 CF7. We will notify the winner on February 14th. 





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