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Softball is such a unique sport. It is the only sport where players must be proficient in two completely different skill sets. We very rarely discuss the fact that there’s an incredible amount of learning and development on the road to becoming an elite softball player.

The learning curve that transitions a good hitter into a great hitter is a simple one; find your style of hitting, follow your steps in that style, master it and continue to do it over and over again. This sounds simple, right? Then why is this one of the hardest skills to master? It’s a skill progression that must be continually challenged. At this point in the softball world, most players have a hitting coach, attend specialized hitter’s clinics, join online hitting memberships, all in the name of becoming the best hitter they can be. And they should. Players should do whatever it takes to become the best hitter they can be. There is always going to be a growth curve. When you think, you’ve mastered a pitcher’s way of throwing, you’ll be exposed to something new. Let’s be honest, 14U is completely different than 12U. The pitchers you’ll face in 18U are nothing like 16U and then you move onto college. So, start learning what works best for you and master it.


You will be exposed to all different types of pitching but here’s one thing you can depend on, your body mechanics do not change.

The movement mechanics that create power from the necessary muscle groups and the movement planes from within that movement derives from will not change. So, start learning to work within your body mechanics versus against them. I’m here to let you in on a little secret; resistance bands are a tremendous tool for hitters. Are you shocked? My guess is probably not, but resistance bands are the only tool that allows your body to complete a cycle of normal movement while providing enough resistance to develop power and teach proper mechanics.

You hear the word SEPARATION constantly, your hands must move separate from your lower body. The Power House Hitter is the perfect developmental tool to not only create power in players hips and legs but also teach proper swing mechanics and allow players to move throughout the planes of motion that they need to develop force. The Power House Hitter is a valuable tool to have in your hitters corner. It’s a powerful teaching mechanism for players of all ages and various skill levels.

Watch the powerhouse hitter in action HERE! 

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For more training tips and information, you can catch up with Kris Massaro at SOFTBALL STRONG! 



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