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Unless you have been living under a rock, (or at the ballfield) it is no secret that the road to the Women’s College World Series is in high gear. Here we are just a few days away from Super Regionals after a weekend full of cut throat, nail biting games – and we CAN’T WAIT to see more. It is not an under statement to say that softball, competitive softball – is one of the most exciting games to watch live, or on TV. 

And there are plenty of reasons you should be watching college softball, on TV – or by getting tickets to some games going on that may be in your area. Important Reasons that go beyond the fact that it is exciting, and fast paced, and fun to watch. But reasons that will be important to the future of OUR sport, and of our daughters futures, and of their daughters futures. 

  1. The more we all watch, the more we tune in to the ESPN and SEC and PAC10 and any other awesome networks that airing the games, the more games they will show. The more games they show, the more people that go to these games and spend the money on a ticket to watch these girls play – the more the sport will grow, the more the sport will thrive, the more opportunity that will be created for softball and softball players and the female athletes that play. So even if you have to record a game because you are at your own game, you should watch. You should stay tuned and engaged and let the big sports peeps (who often leave us girls out)know that you want to see more. That’s how we make a difference and make changes. 
  2. To show the girls who dream of playing that IT TAKES WHAT IT TAKES! Many of the athletes playing today don’t really understand what that means. It takes what it takes. The girls playing in this arena, the teams that have made it Regionals and Super Regionals have worked their tails off for a long time. Every game. Every at bat. Every pitch. Every play. Every ball matters. EVERY. Single. ONE! And these girls are playing at a level, where it takes whatever it takes to move forward. Whether they are sick, or sore, or tired – there are no excuses. The star pitcher from yesterday, may get pulled from a game early the next day. The line up changes. Whatever it takes to be a winner. Because they are at a place where all that matters is the W! And the coaches and players will do whatever it takes no matter what, no matter what that means and they are all in it together! It is one thing to say you ‘want’ to play in college but altogether different to actually do it, and understand the hours, days, weeks, months and years it has taken of really hard work to be where these young women are at. 
  3. To learn! The best way to be the best is to learn from the best, and these athletes are some of the best. If your softball loving daughter is watching these games, she is learning. Parents are learning. Coaches are learning. Teams are learning. Watching the best play, will help your player be the best! It’s like mental practice and it will show in practice. Heck, have a team WCWS watching party!
  4. It’s the greatest game on Earth! There is a reason they call it fast-pitch and it’s not just because the pitchers are slinging. The game is fast and exciting and one swing of the bat, one pitch, one catch – can change the whole thing.  

SO TUNE IN! Watch these girls do their thing! Stay involved and share your passion for fastpitch softball in every way that you can! Maybe if we keep tuning in, and keep watching not only will we have the pleasure of seeing D1 games, but every other division as well!

In case you want to know what’s upcoming this week, here is a link to the SCHEDULE! 



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