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At SIFG, we follow a lot of folks in the industry on social media.

Recently, we came across Cheri Naudin with Collegiate Sports Advocate and thoroughly enjoyed a series of posts and social media posts and tweets that she posted in regard to recruiting.

Having personally been through the recruiting process with our own kid, and working with so many kids at recruiting age we hear and see the same things from parents all too eager to jump on the recruiting bandwagon and believe everything they hear, as well as make rash decisions based on often bad advice just to feel like they are upping their chances for recruitment.

We literally breathed a sigh of relief to see REAL advice, and REAL tips, and REAL HONEST things being discussed when it comes to recruiting. We have to be honest, we are NOT BEING paid to print this or promoting this recruiting agency. We personally contacted Cheri Naudin with CSA because we felt she was putting out a relevant, and meaningful and (finally) honest message to families getting sucked into the SALES talk of recruiting.

We try to remind folks all the time. Recruting is a HIGH DOLLAR BUSINESS these days, and you are being sold a sales line.

I think one of the best tips/points below is the one that says a college coach was at a showcase wearing a shirt that said “Don’t Suck!

In the world of youth athletics, where we are all  so easily offended, and constantly talking about childrens ‘feelings’ and where everyone earns a trophy, and the sheer act of trying hard is looked at as an achievement, the bottom line is colleges are looking for the BEST TALENT! They are looking for athletes who don’t suck, mentally-emotionally-academically and physically on and off the field – and no measure of team jumping/hunting, money, or going to camps is going to cover up the talent level of your child.

We hope you enjoy these simple reminders, and please don’t own them or take offense as they’re meant to be helpful!

These are past posts and future tips!  

Recruiting Tips by Collegiate Sports Advocate

  1. Don’t change travel ball teams because someone tells you all the grandness, do your research investigate the truth.
  2. D1-D2-D3-Juco-NAIA doesn’t matter. Doesn’t dictate talent level. Focus on the ‘D’egree less than 1% play at all.
  3. Coaches need to spend more time training and conditioning your team to BE recruited. Play less train more.
  4. Thank your coach today. Their job is to coach a team so you ‘CAN’ get recruited.
  5. The relationships are more valuable than the agenda! That’s loyalty!
  6. Know the Value of your degree.
  7. If College Recruiting was so easy then everyone would be committed.
  8. There is a difference between recruited and recruit-able do YOU know the difference?
  9. A College Coach was wearing a T Shirt that said “Don’t Suck”.
  10. Don’t showcase your talent unless your talent is ready to be seen. Everyone has their own time.
  11. At camp /showcase how do you standout? Be bigger, faster, stronger than everyone else.
  12. Consider the effect on the recruiting process when switching teams? Investigate the truth don’t just believe the sales pitch to get you to switch teams.
  13. A wise man “Kevin Shelton, Texas Glory” once shared with me that when you have a problem with a team and you leave the team, you take your problem with you because it is YOUR problem.
  14. Free has no value. Everything has a price. What is it worth to you?
  15. Everyone wants what the other one has but isn’t willing to do what it takes to get it.
  16. Take charge of your path it won’t just happen. Do you have a plan? It requires action and activity.
  17. Stop blaming others and making excuses, it is your path and not someone else’s fault when YOU don’t get there.
  18. Be grateful to everyone that has ever helped you get there. Gratitude goes a long way.
  19. Travel Team Tshirt, camps/clinics = Recruited? NOT that simple anymore- get the truth from a Trusted Advocate that has proven results.
  20. Parents/Fans don’t obstruct the view of Coaches viewing Student Athletes on the field.
  21. It’s not all about YOU, you need a good Advocate, a Good Team, a Good Coach, Good Training and Good Grades.
  22. Take accountability for YOUR journey. It’s not someone else’s fault when you don’t get what you want.

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