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This post came from a mama, about her daughter.  Its a beautiful thing for all you kids out there to have your parents as your biggest fans.  No matter what they say to you – always remember that, win or lose – succeed or fail, trouble or not – THEY ARE ALWAYS on your side. They LOVE TO WATCH YOU PLAY!

As a softball mom myself, I can vouch firsthand for just how much fun, excitement and exhilaration the game of softball adds to a parents life. (And sometimes, it seems to take years off our lives as well!)  Most of the time, the parents are as passionate about the sport as the players. This is a beautiful thing.  We, at SIFG are proud to support every player and fan of the game.  In our eyes – YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!  Never stop swinging girls.  You are learning so much more than you think out there on the field.

This week, we present Kelli!

player of the weekAt the young age of 12 years old, Kelli has stepped up and taken on the challenge in just one year to play summer league, tournament team, all-star team, JV, and High School softball!

She has played almost every position on the field and done them all very well.  In summer league she pitched.  In tournament ball and all-stars she played second base and pitched.  In JV she pitched and on the high school team she played left field, center field, short stop and second base.  Even though there were times that she would get frustrated being moved from her “infield” position to the outfield, she knew she was put where the coach needed a play,  and the coach knew that he could always count on her to get the job done.

Kelli is extremely dedicated to the sport and very competitive.  But even though she is competitive, she is always the first to console an upset or hurt player on the opposing team, and shows character first and foremost. Despite being young, she is always there to assist younger or less experienced players, which makes me so proud.playerweek

Kelli is harder on herself than any coach could ever be on her and because of that she excels in the sport of softball!  I, her mom, and her dad are so proud of her and she definitely deserves to be player of the week!

GUESS WHAT MAMA! We agree and  SHE IS player of the week!


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