Our Diamonds Will Shine Again | Softball is For Girls

Some days, it doesn’t seem like it…but we promise Our Diamonds will SHINE again, and when they do – ohhhh what a celebration we will have. This one is FOR all of you, patiently waiting for your days at the ballpark.

The fresh cut grass, the morning dew
The yawning coaches, and even the BLU
The packed up car -the trek down to the park
Our FAVORITE team awaits, the uniforms still stark. 
The first few throws, fly balls and grounders
The sun rises up and things liven up around her. 

Before too long, the line up is made
The greatest game on is Earth is about to be played. 

The park echoes so LOUDLY with roars and cheers
laughter and excitement and even some tears. 
Oh, the plays that are made, the balls that are hit
The team work, the effort, the hard work and the grit.
The sun burns hot, the girls are on FIRE
To the championship game they all do aspire. 

For months they've trained, while at night they dream
Of spending the weekend on the field with their team.
Memories are made, unbreakable bonds are formed 
With every game their lives are transformed. 

The excitement builds, the games get intense 
And then there is ball hit deep over the fence. 
The fans on their feet, the girls rush the field 
The coaches are jumping hoping the win is sealed. 

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The dugout booms with music and chants
Each girl cannot wait to get her chance
They play as one, this amazing team of eleven
The ballpark MUST be the next closest place to Heaven. 

And then one really sad day -right of the clear blue 
They said we cannot play, and we hoped it was not true. 
The ball-fields were locked down, pitch black at night 
Empty, and silent - what a heartbreaking sight. 
Teams who had practiced and worked hard for so long
Were unable to play, fearful their season was gone. 

And there are some girls who got their very last at bat
Without so much as a warning, no tip of the hat.
For those who may never again put their cleats on the dirt
Our hearts do break, we can feel their hurt. 

And each day since the ballparks went black
The players and their families have been praying it comes back. 
We wait for the news that the gates will reopen 
The girls work out at home, miss their team and are moping.
At night, the players dream of double plays and home-runs
They miss their families, their team, the competition the fun. 

It just doesn't seem right, for us all to be apart. 
The softball life runs deep within our souls and our heart. 
The only thing we can do now is just wait and pray for the sign
That one day very soon, OUR DIAMONDS WILL AGAIN SHINE! 

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