Traveling around to softball tournaments, you learn the ropes pretty quickly. By your second tournament you realize that packing extra toilet paper is a GREAT idea, that having a shade tent makes passing the hours at the field during the summer heat more enjoyable, and that a rolling wagon is well worth the $65.

Still, there are some other ‘issues’ at tournaments that present themselves and are seemingly un-fixable. You just deal with them, realizing that your complaints to tourney directors most likely fall on deaf ears.

For instance, disgusting bathrooms, and too few women’s restrooms is typical. The lack of decent field maintenance between games leaves batter boxes and pitching mounds in less than desirable conditions. And the lack of scoreboards that WORK, make keeping up with the score difficult. Plus, its frustrating spending hundreds of dollars to play in a tournament only to get there and not have working, or manned accurate scoreboards.

Well, one fan of our on the Softball is for Girls Facebook page came up with a simple, AMAZING idea to fix one of these annoying issues. And quite frankly, we think its awesome. And we want to share it with YOU!

He too, was tired of going to softball and baseball games and dealing with scoreboards that didn’t work, or were being run by volunteers, most of whom are young children, who never seem to get it right. Chances are he too was tired of the fact that holding the score-book automatically translated to being asked 56 times during a game, who was winning or what the score was.

SO he saw a problem and became part of the SOLUTION! (Which we LOVE) This led to the ingenious invention of Score Stix.


Of course, we had to try Score-Stix out. As the scorekeeper myself, I thought this was an ingenious idea that would display the score of the game as it was being played in a highly visible way.

Even better, is the Score Stix was portable. In fact, the website said:

“You’ve discovered the best portable baseball and softball scoreboards on the market and we hope you become a ScoreStix Team too. ScoreStix baseball and softball portable scoreboards are the best because of their simple, functional design and ScoreStix quality. ScoreStix portable baseball and softball scoreboards hang on any fence, are printed two sided for great viewing anywhere you sit, made of completely weather proof materials for years of use and comes with a carrying bag for easy storage and transport

We ordered one up for our teams. And guess what. It works. It IS portable. IT IS SIMPLE TO USE. And it was super inexpensive.

In fact, we spend more on balls that either get lost or tossed into a bucket for one tournament than we did for the Score Stix – and the Score Stix will last several seasons. In hindsight, we wish we would have opted for the personalized version with our team name and a SOFTBALL, but we have a tendency to be leery of new products. Turns out this thing really worked.

Best of all, it fits into a small bag (comes with one), and is super easy to move from field to field. It hangs simply on the fence, and is made to last the outdoors. Just last week we used it at our first tournament, and it easily put an end to one of the most annoying questions of game-day which is, “What’s the Score?”

We REALLY appreciate the little things in life that solve some of the day-to-day problems we all face as softball/baseball families. Score-Stix has our vote, and we are pretty sure that you will enjoy it as well. In fact, our little Score Stix portable score-keeper got a lot of attention at the last tournament, and the parents on our team felt much more relaxed being able to keep up with the score the entire day.

Here’s a big thanks to Scott, the brains behind Score-Stix. We love your product and hope that our extended softball and baseball families will as well. And seriously, we know firsthand how expensive softball goodies are, and we promise this one will NOT break the bank. ENJOY!


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