Love to Watch YOU Play!

It’s March. It’s Spring.

This.  Is.  Such. A. Beautiful.  Thing.

And that means that college softball has started, school-ball in many parts of the country has commenced and Rec and travel teams are either preparing to….or already taking the field. You can almost smell new uniforms void of season old eye-black, and knee holes at the ballpark, see tons of new bats and shiny cleats. Dreamy eyed coaches and hopeful parents trying to convince themselves that 50 degree highs are somewhat warm, along with eager ball players are everywhere.

Spring to softball is the equivalent of that feeling you get from a new car smell.

Everyone is excited, and happy – the frustrations of a too long season, or of travel ball nuances or drama are a thing of the past. Hope. Faith. Confidence. New beginnings and dreams become the norm. New friends and old reconnecting. New families are being built.


So, last weekend, we meandered to a local ball field that was hosting a tournament. It was sort of fun to sit on the bleachers and walk around among parents and teams we didn’t know. Taking it all in. Listening. Bats cracking, propane heaters fired up, dugout cheering and girls chatting. Metal cleats on pavement, laughter, and of course….parents and coaches (the adults) enjoying the day just as much as the kids. 

Everyone there – because quite simply, they love to watch those girls play! 

Softball is For Girls, started to empower the players, fans, coaches and parents of Fastpitch softball. We strive to give our sport a voice, in a world that seems so dominated by male athletics. We treasure players at every age, and every level of the game. We share the passion! The same passion that you and your families have for the game. And the most important thing we can do is to continue to remind EVERYONE, that this is a GAME. A game for the GIRLS.

To remind YOU….the adults whether parent, coach, grandparent, friend or fan that it is not for us to question, “Does my child have talent, does my child sparkle and shine!”


“And do we do everything humanly possible

to ensure that they continue to shine and sparkle

in the magical ways that this sport allows?” 

Do we continue to make sure as the season moves forward, as perhaps some drama arises, as disappointments and trials and the inevitable ‘perceived bad things’ happens, that we are continually recognizing their gifts, their talents, their joy, their passion, their amazing, one of kind #BLESSINGS that they, THESE CHILDREN offer to us by enabling us to simply WATCH THEM PLAY!

That our children are still shining.

That when they look to us on the bleachers, and see us sitting there after they strike out, or made an error, that they still know way down deep that we just love to watch them play. That their coaches and teammates and teammates’ parents too, just love to watch them play. That the umpires and fans in the stands just love to watch them play.

That the question continues to remain, “NOT how do I shine, but how do YOU SEE ME SHINE? 

We have said it once, and we will say it again. This softball thing – no matter what the level, is the ultimate teacher of life in nearly every way. We are teachers. And we are students.

And we are all so VERY BLESSED to have this opportunity to watch our girls do what they love, to grow up among brick-dust and eye-black with this amazing CHANCE TO SEE HOW BRIGHTLY THEY SHINE in their very own ways.

We created our newest shirt in the spirit of this! There is nothing that would make us happier than for parents everywhere to wear this shirt in their team colors and parade around softball fields reminding everyone how blessed we really are. That softball, and the girls that play, are our #blessings! love-to-watch-you-play_store-display-graphic

(Shirt above shown with and without personalization!)

(We also have a 3rd baseman shirt. Yes, finally! Up at the store. For a limited time, use code order2get10 to receive $10 off your order when you order 2 shirts!

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  1. Hailey on March 4, 2015 at 5:52 pm

    Cool shirt. I am so insanely excited spring is here, practices have been canceled the last two weeks bc of rain and/or snow but today it’s 70 degrees and I’m about to go to practice:) yayyyyy! play ball!

  2. Nancy Feuerstein on April 22, 2015 at 11:43 am

    I would like to see your t shirts. Especially softball pitcher ones.

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