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Meet Kathy! She is a softball mom, wife of a softball coach, and one of our dear friends. If you were to meet Kathy in person, you would absolutely love her. She smiles all the time, is super smart, (and beautiful) and generally has all her shizz together. Her clothes always match, (you know those women who make the rest of us look bad, and can show up in a hat and ponytail and still look all put together while we are over here looking like we just rolled out of bed) she has a great job, has done a fantastic job raising her kiddos into fine respectful young women – you know. She’s basically downright awesome.

All of that being said, we would have to be honest and WARN you that when it comes to the softball field, you have to be pretty careful when you sit next to Kathy. Because Kathy, (like the rest of us) tends to get super excited during games and suddenly start blurting stuff out of her mouth that has her husband/coach and daughter rolling their eyes from the other side of the field.

And when Kathy brings her mama to the games, (Sorry Kathy Mama) (or her older daughter) – you can bet your butt that the three of them are cackling and complaining and ranting and raving about anything and everything that they don’t agree with. It Doesn’t matter if its Kathy’s OWN husband that she thinks made a stupid call, or whether it was my own child who made a ridiculous error behind Kathy’s daughter pitching (and I am sitting right there)—Kathy will sigh, shout, mumble, complain, say OH MY GAWD, or whatever it is that crosses her mind during the game.

And listen…Kathy doesn’t just save her commentary for everyone aside from her own kid. If she thinks her kid is sucking eggs out there – she TELLS her! (Because isn’t that what every kid wants to hear when they are having an off day?)


And certainly if it is the umpires screwing up or playing a little home cookin’ softball, you can bet your sweet butt…sweet, beautiful, smart, sensible Kathy and her entourage of estrogen are going to say a few things off the cuff – with Mawmaw leading the WAY! 

Kathy even got herself one of those Under the Weather tent thingys, and on really cold days sits inside it, and even though you can barely hear her – you can see her lips moving during the entire game.

Just like any good coaches wife, Kathy will also MAKE SURE to let her coach/husband know after a game is over just how HE SCREWED UP!

Because you see…we realize as coaches spouses that from where we sit on the sidelines, we really know this gig better than they do! We can see their mistakes where they cannot. So it is our DUTY really, to make sure we speak our minds. 😉 But Kathy’s husband isn’t thankful…in fact he just ignores her. 

The good news is that once the game is over – Kathy is over it too. Because most of all, Kathy just likes to watch her daughter play ball.

And look in all honest fairness, we cannot just single out Kathy here.

Our very own coach literally chews on a disgusting, muddy, dirty, and sometimes bloody, sweat laden towel – stuffing it in his mouth like its a piece of friend chicken, because he thinks people won’t hear what he says if he shoves the towel in his mouth. (But the rotten thing is, we still do HEAR him)

And my own daughter…she has said some pretty crappy things to me in the heat of a game because she forgot how to hit or field a ball and was indignant and looking for someone to blame it on.

And we know this insane coach (Dennis) we won’t mention any names. And normally he is a pretty great guy. Really cool and likable. But oh my….when you play against him, he can be a complete and total BEAST and some of the things that come out of his mouth are unbelievable!

The point is…we made this shirt for Kathy.

But basically….it is suitable for anyone. Its for the moms and dads who say things in the heat of the moment, the players who say things in the heat of the moment, the coaches who say things in the heat of the moment, the grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles and siblings….EVERYONE who says things during the game that they might be just a little sorry for later.





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