It’s all About them Softball Players LEGS!

This could really start out as a Jeff Foxworthy joke…

You know your daughter plays softball when you take her out in public wearing shorts and people give you dirty looks because she looks like she has been beaten with a hammer!  (Which is ExACTLY WHY WE CREATED THESE SHORTS…no more explaining to do to ‘well meaning’ strangers)

shorts g

(Tons of colors to choose from)

Yes, it is TRUE! The legs of softball players take a beating. And you can tell them apart from ‘other girls’ who may play other sports.

We too have seen the looks. A stranger walks by our daughter, and raised their eye brows. Heck, we’ve even had people ask our daughters, “What happened to you,?” The problem with softball bruises, is they tend to grow larger and uglier, and more severe looking as time goes on. What starts out as a red spot, turns into a black and green and blue and yellow bruise the size of a…well, softball! Hard for folks to ignore.

Softball players legs are also normally around 10 shades whiter than the rest of their bodies. They spend a lot of time in softball pants and tank top jerseys, which tends to give them very unusual tan lines, as well as makes the beach, or the pool – a sun hazard for those parts hidden by uniforms. Go to any beach, and you can pretty much tell who plays softball. Meanwhile, softball MOM legs are extremely tan – from all those hours spent propping them up on the fence!

We’ve seen a lot of softball players legs. By the time it is all over with, you can expect there to be at least a few permanent scars (each one with a great story to tell) from cleats or sliding on dirt and rocks! And there will most definitely be BRUISES!

But the best part about a softball players legs is that they are strong, and beautiful, and athletic – no matter WHAT sort of colors they are, scars they have, or bruises they adorn!

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