It Won’t Be Long – And Fastpitch will Be Over

More Iphone May 2013 588It won’t be long.

Before your daughter outgrows her cleats, weekends are spent at home instead of at ball fields, boys replace the love of the game, straightened hair and roller skating becomes more important than skidding across brick dust and busted up knees.

My advice, take it all in. Fastpitch is a way of life.

Don’t worry about the money. Don’t take other parents or coaches too seriously. Forget about errors made on the field and losses and choose to cherish achievements instead. Buy yourself a comfortable chair. Cheer with enthusiasm.  Be positive as much as possible. Make sure your daughters/players ALWAYS know how proud of them you are.

Be grateful for all the hustle and bustle, the miles driven, the early mornings and late nights, the annoyances, the stress, the stinky socks, piles of laundry, the headache you get from cheering kids and the lost lucky ribbon that disappears the day before the biggest game of the year.

It won’t be Long until its over and you’ll be wishing for one more 100 degree day at the ballpark with your girl. With your family.


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