How to Honestly Get Your Daughter Recruited

Yo, SIFG – What is up with all the recruiting shares on your page lately? 

Well. We are glad you asked. Maybe you have noticed, maybe you have not. For the past several days we have been sharing with our social media fans the posts from Collegiate Sports Advocate. These posts show girls who are actively pursuing the opportunity to be recruited, and they have partnered with Collegiate Sports Advocate to do so.

Why have we been sharing them?

Well mostly, because far too many parents are drinking the College Recruiting Kool Aid, and going about this dream the wrong way, with the wrong people. We have to insert this reminder… RECRUITING IS A BUSINESS! Which means recruiters want to make money. And a lot of people are investing their hard earned money into data bases and recruiters that aren’t really interested in YOUR DAUGHTERS BEST INTEREST!

And to be honest in disclosure – we are NOT PART OF CSA, nor do we get any affiliate MONEY from athletes choosing CSA. We just honestly appreciate their business model!

Insert Cheri Naudin, owner of Collegiate Sports Advocate. The posts from CSA showing up on our page, are meant to show YOU, what real recruiting looks like. 

Cheri owns Collegiate Sports Advocate. And Cheri has been in the fastpitch softball circuit for decades, as a player, coach and recruiter. She started in California wayyy back when fastpitch was a West Coast sport only, and has worked with and played alongside and coached some of the best players in fastpitch softball.

Let us put it this way. Cheri is the REAL DEAL when it comes to college recruiting, done for the right reasons, to benefit YOUR CHILD’s EDUCATION!  

We reached out to Cheri, and after conversing with her for a long time, we were genuinely uplifted by her approach to recruiting as a partnership between the family and her (or one of her recruiters). CSA sticks with you and your child until they GRADUATE COLLEGE, and works on behalf of you and your daughter to find her the BEST FIT for her.

And, we were totally blown away by her non-sales pitch honesty, her forwardness, and her unique approach to recruiting that makes her stand above and beyond all the rest.

Our #1 commitment at Softball is For Girls, to bring YOU the best, is mirrored with CSA’s commitment to bring their athletes the best.

CSA, led by Cheri shows amazing passion, know how, and an honest and deep love of this sport (as well as tons of others) that enables her to truly recruit from the heart. The posts on our page, give you just a glimpse of the dedication and direction that the athletes trusting CSA are taking for a better future.

CSA is not just a database where you get a warm and fuzzy feeling because you have uploaded a video and profile for hundreds of dollars and sit back and wait and hope that your profile will be found among the thousands being uploaded daily.

One of our commitments to YOU, our fans – is to bring you an empowering and ultimately honest look at fastpitch softball. We have no interest in bringing you to a water trough that is dry, whether it pays off or not for us. 

We want to help you avoid the sales pitch, want to help you through this journey by being as blunt, straight forward and honest as possible. And having spoken with a great number of recruiters both personally and professionally, we can tell you that there is a lot of bullshit being generated for the sheer convenience of making money off the dreams of your kid. 

Again…insert Cheri. (Yes, we are on a first named basis)

She will tell it to you like it is. She will tell you the truth. You may not like it, but she will work her butt off for your kid, but she will also be honest with your child.

She has the decades of experience and connections in this industry to offer you the honest truth on what you really need to be doing in order to get your daughter recruited.

If your kid is not D1 talent, Cheri is going to tell you that, and show you the options. More importantly, she involves your child in the process making them accountable, and responsible for their recruitment journey.

After all, your daughter is the one who is going to be playing. This is your athletes journey, and your athlete ultimately needs to take the lead so they can feel good and be invested in the process. 

So, There you go! If you are truly interested about the recruitment process, we urge you to contact CSA. Check out their website at and let them show you how they are different, how they rise above the rest!

And if you are ready to get started you can contact Cheri and her team of advocates right here by filling out this form.




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