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Want your players to get FASTER?

 Start jumping….

I’ve worked with many players that want and lets be honest, need to get faster to be a threat on the bases. The problem is that most coach and parents aren’t versed in proper speed mechanics. It’s hard to teach something you don’t have a background in. I get it. I don’t go around trying to cut peoples hair. It’s not my job. Well, speed is my job and there are some out of the box ways to develop speed in players. One of the most efficient training methods to develop speed is to teach your players to jump properly.
Here’s why; when a player learns how to initiate and they fire the muscle groups involved with jumping they can start to develop the kinetic systems involved for those muscles to automatically fire when they run. That is huge. Your hips and glutes need to be involved in your speed skills, yet many players don’t train them to fire. Your missing out on huge speed skills by ignoring them. So, how do you start training them? I know I’ve said it already but start jumping.  And by that I mean allow players to perform a jumping movement in a sequence that starts with triple flexion (ankles, knees and hips) and then initiates in the hips and creates a chain movement throughout the body, with the arms driving up naturally. This teaches players to use their entire body while jumping, much like they should when they run.

I want to develop quick speed skills and refine form. These movements will start to develop players speed by incorporating different speed mechanics and biomechanics. 

Here’s a good jumping routine;

Jumping Knee Tucksx10 to a sprint

Box Hopsx10 to a sprint

Ball Jumps (We start on the ball so players can open up her hips and drive through them versus her lower back.) x10 to a sprint

Single Leg jumpsx10 (each leg) to a sprint

The main focus is on a players form. The amount of sets is based upon the players performance during the jumps and how quickly their form breaks down.

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