Giving Props-

One of our favorite aspects of our Facebook page are the hundreds of fans who share their pictures with us.  Seeing the dirty, happy faces of all the girls from 6 to 18, make US HAPPY!  When you scroll through the pictures – it’s easy to see the joy, pride, passion, and grit with which these girls play ball.

On any given Saturday – these teams – these girls – these families, could be any one of us in the SIFG community.  While we may have differing opinions, different personalities, different goals – we all share one very strong common thread.

Last week, we posted one of my very favorite pictures that we have ever received.  It was from a proud mama of a 12U girl who had just hit her first over the fence homerun.  The picture, (below) shows the girl crossing home plate while the opposing catcher waits with her extended hand giving props to the girl who hit the homerun.

Giving props!  This picture defines sportsmanship at its finest!!!! This picture is worth a million words, and clearly represents the vision we have at SIFG, which is not just about developing athletes, but about developing PEOPLE!

Today – we share it with you! And we are giving props back to the parents and coaches who played a part in this catchers sportsmanship, the lucky girl who hit her first home run and all the PARENTS and COACHES who expect this same type of behavior from the girls on their team.  Remember, you aren’t just teaching softball fundamentals.  You are teaching LIFE!



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