Girl, TUCK in your Softball Uniform shirt!

It’s that time of year again. (Or at least it should be) If you are managing or coaching a team, then you need to start thinking about Softball UNIFORMS! And you need to do it sooner rather than later, because come January you will be waiting in line behind thousands of other teams scrambling to get it together.

And yes, softball uniforms matter. To the girls especially. While we totally believe that when you first start out, you can go out there in simple t-shirts, we also believe that upgrading the uniforms is a wonderful thing for teams to earn. In fact, using new, matching professional looking uniforms as incentive for team building really does work.

Our favorite softball uniform company to date is Two Five Apparel. We have used them for many years (after using other options) for our own teams and find that not only are the uniforms truly custom (meaning you won’t look like every other team out there) they have an art and design staff that can bring to life any look, with any color combination that you want and their customer service is unsurpassed.

The quality is exceptional, and the prices are affordable for softball families. They can do sublimated, screened or stitched uniforms can provide spirit wear for your parents, and have something that will fit into everyone’s budget. Plus they will send you a sizing kit, so its super easy to size your team and make sure you are ordering the correct size.

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So here are some things to consider while Uniform Shopping!

  1. If you know your team colors, go with that – and DO NOT, by all means, ASK YOUR ENTIRE TEAM FOR INPUT on the uniforms you choose. Seriously, you will get a zillion different opinions and then someone will get mad because they didn’t get their way, and another person will be mad about something else, and you WILL NEVER PLEASE EVERYONE! We promise if you give your logo and colors to Two Five they will make you something truly unique that everyone will LOVE.
  2. If you do tank tops, make sure you confirm the fit. And, If you choose racer backs, make sure the team is aware that they will need sports bras to go underneath them – or include that in your apparel fees, so you aren’t ‘that’ team with bra straps hanging out. ((Tacky))
  3. Make sure you can order a sizing kit. Two Five Apparel will send you a sizing kit for a refundable fee and it is a LIFE SAVER! Make sure that when the kids TRY on the uniforms an adult is with them, because LORD KNOWS THERE WILL ALWAYS BE THAT ONE GIRL WHO ORDERS HER STUFF ONE SIZE TOO SMALL, and when the uniforms come her mama will not be happy!
  4. Try to avoid anything STARK WHITE around the collar (although we love the crisp and professional look of WHITE) We all know the kids use the collar of their shirt to wipe off the dirt and sweat. With Two Five Apparel, you can customize each aspect of the uniform and we typically try to stay away from white in that specific area!
  5. Make sure you get uniform jerseys that you can pair with several different color stock pants (black, white, grey). This enables you to have a different look, and if you lose or gain players they will be able to match your team on game days.
  6. ORDER EXTRA JERSEYS!!! Yes, someone will lose theirs. Yes, you will need a pick up at some time. Yes, players will leave and a new one will come. Plan ahead, and order at least 3 extra jerseys and err on the side of larger sizes rather than smaller.

Last, but not least!!! Don’t ruin a perfectly professional, sharp, and amazing uniform by letting the kids show up untucked and without belts! That just looks so sloppy! The kids are representing something more than themselves, and the name on the front of the JERSEY is much more important than the name on the back! So GIRL….TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT!


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