Garbage In, Garbage Out – Game Day Nutrition.

The Greater Than Sports Drink Advantage!

Let’s face it. Concessions stands don’t typically offer healthy options for our kiddos (or us) during the day, and unfortunately, a lot of athletes are loading up on sugary snacks and sodas between games to stay hydrated and energized.

When it comes to food and drinks convenience often trumps nutrition. But we believe that what you put INTO your kids, is what you will get out of them performance-wise.

How many of you have experienced the game day break blues, where your team gets a long break, (usually as a higher seed) only for them to come back sluggish and lackluster? It seems that the true reward for getting a high seed should include being able to run with the momentum and play back to back games. But often, this ‘sink’ is simply because they overate or indulged on too much sugar and their bodies are crashing.

In the heat, and with physical exertion, sugar is not the answer. Even Gatorades are often drunk in excess.

Enter “The Greater Than Sports Drink!”

Coconut H20 + Fruit Juice. No Added Sugar. 50 Calories or Less. Each carton of Greater Than is chockfull of naturally occurring electrolytes with no added sugar. It’s our delicious and refreshing approach to hydration that will defend yourself against cramps, electrolyte loss, heat, dehydration, flu symptoms, and excessive sugar.

The Sider Brothers who created this drink are offering softball customers a nice discount in the hopes that you will try it and see the difference it makes for yourself!


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