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Maybe just maybe,  I would sleep in late – or plan a fancy dinner date.

Eat a homemade breakfast served at noon, get an even suntan, while listening to tunes.

Weed the yard and mow the grass, clean the gutters, save some cash.

Get the laundry done and windows clean, catch up on all the shows I haven’t seen.

Spend the day relaxing at the pool or lake, grill a massive T-bone steak.

Lounge in my favorite comfy chair, catch football GAMES playing live on air.

Plant a garden, go to the mall, finally wash my car – interior and all.

Take in a movie, train the dog, repaint the kitchen or take a jog.

Fix the wiggly toilet seat, make all the closets clean and neat.

Have a yard sale, get my oil changed, talk to my family that’s been estranged.

Drink a beer, and chill all day – grocery shop and take up crochet.

OHH to think of ALL the things I’d get done, if I wasn’t always at the ball-field having so much fun.

I may have the nicest house on the block, my fridge may be completely stocked,

I’d never be tired, would save so much gas, and would get to relax at long, long last.

But then I think of all that I would miss, the friends, the family, my daughters bliss.

The dugout cheers, the victories and FUN, the stinky socks, the feeling of a home-run.

The crack of the bat, sunrise and sunset, seeing hard work paid off with hours of sweat

The smiles on their faces, the laughter and pride, the happiness and the late night home ride.

The memories made and the time spent together, the joys and the lessons, the crazy spring weather

They’re all worthy trades for a life that may seem insane, all for the love of one simple game.

For I would trade NOTHING for the amazing treasure, of this time spent with my daughter that has no measure.

For soon she will grow up and out of her cleats, and I will be forced to pack up my folding seats.

But the memories made NOW will last forever, and I will be able to say that regrets, I felt never.

While it is true that most things in life will wait, we have but one chance to make our daughters childhood great.

So enjoy the long days spent at the field, for her youth is something that will not yield.

The luckiest parents here on Earth, are those who realize how much spending time with their children is truly worth!

Written By Stef Daniel

Copyright Softball is for Girls 2015

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