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When we first set up our Facebook page and website, we were driven with an immense amount of passion. It was our goal to create a community of like minded folks, whose main interest was to empower all the characters in the fast pitch theater, from and especially the athletes to the parents and coaches alike.

Time went on, and the brand SOFTBALL IS FOR GIRLS, has turned into a 50 hour per week job. Sometimes making money along the way and sometimes not. And as things go with the internet and Facebook, and all things online, big companies hoping to profit from small businesses like us have the ability to literally wipe us off the map. The solution is either to adapt and adjust or to just give up.

We have asked ourselves lately, What if we fail? What if we aren’t able to do all the amazing things that we have planned?

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In recent weeks, this has been our plight. Do we continue and push forward to make all our dreams and aspirations for Softball is For Girls come true, to become a pillar in the community and put all of our plans for making this world better through the world of girls fastpitch softball,  to give these young ladies the presence and recognition that they deserve – or do we just quit? Is it getting too hard, or do we put our faith in what we believed in (still believe in) when this first started?

We have certainly made mistakes along the way. We’ve upset a few customers. We have learned what works and what doesn’t, and realize that those things are constantly changing.  We have received angry emails that while few seem to speak so much louder than the inbox of praise we receive. We have had our struggles and days of feeling overwhelmed. Running a community of nearly 60K fans, a web store, a website and raising a family of softball players is not easy. And, without having the knowledge of what and HOW to take the next steps, quitting feels easy. And comfortable.

The reality is, when you take the NEXT step in life, the big question that looms in all of our minds is “What if WE Fail?” 

The same is true for our players, and our coaches starting new teams, and our parents throwing their girls out there, trying to choose the best circumstances for their child to grow. What if they fail? The same is true for the parents and players taking a leap of faith to join new teams, or start pitching lessons with a new coach, or to allow their child to play up a year. What if they fail? What if the choice we make ends up being the wrong the choice? What if we make a big mistake? What if, what if, what if?


We tell our children that they need to try! Keep their eyes on the prize, move forward. We tell our daughters to believe in themselves so they can at least see how far they can go, how much they can learn in this big arena called life, before they just give up and decide they cant do it. What if after taking our first steps, we all said it was too darn hard, and decided to never walk? What if the first time we failed a test, we just decided we would never ever be able to pass a test? What if the first time we got fired from a job, or were denied  something we really really wanted, we just gave up. Threw the dream in a file, and moved on to whatever was comfortable and certain? How happy would any of us be right now?

If any of us look back on our lives, it is the risks we took, the times that we wore our heart on sleeves, made the tough decisions, forged ahead, made ends meet, realized that we were stronger and more adept than we ever imagined – that make us the people we are today.

And what if the first time our daughters tried softball, striking out at every pitch, booting ground balls and being terrified of being hit in the face – they decided to just throw in the ‘glove’ and to not try to adapt, adjust, learn and grow? Chances are a lot of them wouldn’t be where they are today, right? Chances are you wouldn’t be here, reading this – enjoying your time at the field, loving to watch you daughter play, feeling passionate not just about a sport, but about the girls who play – like you do right now.

The whole question of whether we fail or not – in softball, in life –  is something we all ask of ourselves often. The fear of failure, of striking out, of not being good enough, of not being liked, or being accepted is simply part of being human. At some level, that fear exists within all of us – because at the end of the day, what we are all searching for is love. For others to love us, for others to accept us, and for us to love ourselves and be able to love in return. We may call it many things. The laughter we see on our daughters faces, the feelings of pride and accomplishment they get from playing the game, the small wins and little victories that happen when they overcome or succeed. It is all about love. at the end of the day. Us loving them, them loving themselves.


And that, brings us back to Softball is For Girls. We LOVE this game! We love the girls that play. We LOVE connecting our community with one another. We LOVE FASTPITCH SOFTBALL just as much you and your daughters do. And we would rather fail miserably, then go down without trying. So here we are! We just cannot give up because things got harder – especially when we are constantly telling these girls to KEEP GOING, to never quit, to live without regrets!

So, we will forge on! We won’t quit and we will be dedicated to constantly improving and growing our close-knit audience of fastpitch fans.

What if we fail?

Well, then, we fail. Or perhaps we only realize that a new and even better dream is waiting in the wings.

The important thing for us as adults (and children) is that we are a living example of what we teach our daughters. That we don’t settle for what is always easiest and comfortable, and that we take giant leaps of faiths to somehow better this world in the ways that we are able to, and follow our dreams and passions. That we don’t quit, and spend the rest of our lives asking ‘What if,’ or’ what could have been,’ or ‘what may have been.’

So what can you do to help Softball is For Girls put fastpitch softball players on the map and keep this community strong? You can like, comment and share our statuses on facebook. You can tell others about our page and website. Subscribe to this blog, and our emails so that we can keep you informed and keep the conversations going. Share your stories and your pictures by emailing us at softballisforgirls@live.com. (We wanna hear the GOOD STUFF!) Find us on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and FACEBOOK! Share this post! Visit our awesome store.

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We have a lot of good things coming in the New Year, and we want you to be part of it!!! And we are staying dedicated to the girls, the players, the coaches and the fan of this amazing game by doing what we preach. By never let the fear of striking out, keep us from playing the game!  




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  1. Chris Christie on December 29, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    I always say you can “what if: yourself to death. And why do we always “what if” the bad? Why don’t we say “what if I win?” What if I succeed? What if I get everything I work for? Life doesn’t hand you things for free, and plenty of time it isn’t fair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your dreams come true!

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