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Since the beginning at Softball Is For Girls, we have made it a goal to introduce our fastpitch families to small businesses and companies that truly embody the passion and love of the girls and the game. Early, on we met Cheri Naudin with Collegiate Sports Advocate. So today, we present you with a small business spotlight On Collegiate Sports Advocate and Cheri Naudin, who we feel is the epitome of Recruiting Done Right!

First, a little background on Cheri.

Cheri Naudin heads up one of the most successful recruiting and mentorship firms around, giving solid advice with proven results through a system that identifies WHERE your athlete can play, and what they need to do to achieve their academic and athletic goals.

Cheri Naudin has an extensive background with 28 years in the telecommunications industry.  She owned a Recruiting company where she was a headhunter for high end executives.  She has a BS in Business Administration, minor in Management. She has been a leader in Corporate America and in her community since 1985.  She has coached and trained athletes for over 25 years taking teams to Nationals with 3rd and 4th place finishes. She was a recipient of a United Way Award for her work with young athletes. Cheri was the owner of Softball Academy of Texas for  4 years where she trained catchers, provided clinics, and provided training for hitting and slapping. She has been involved with over 450 athletes being recruited and has personally coached over 50 NCAA athletes. Her recruits have played in (or are currently playing in) all Conferences in NCAA and NAIA.  She is highly networked in the College Coaches Arena.  Cheri was on the founding committee for USA Elite Select.  

Collegiate Sports Advocate Inc

What her bio leaves out is that Cheri is extremely well connected and RESPECTED in the softball community and has a lot of close peers in the softball community, including a large variety of college coaches. Her bio also leaves out the fact that she is highly passionate about the success of athletes. (Collegiate sports advocate helps in all sports, not just softball). She holds her student athletes accountable and she clearly knows where they fit in at the college level.

When you talk with Cheri, you realize immediately that she is not afraid of TRUTH TELLING. She is not going to sell you a song and dance and then put minimal effort into your athlete. She is going to expect that they meet deadlines, and take responsibility for their own recruiting journey. CSA is not another gimmick recruiting agency. She, along with the other advocates that she trains, are going to work HARD for your athlete – and she expects that same hard work in return. If she meets a family or athlete not willing to put in the work, she has not problem turning them down or terminating her relationship with them.

Having children of her own that have went through the recruiting process, she is a wealth of information and pillar of light in what can be a very dark tunnel for many families. Recruiting is HARD, but with a clear road map, and someone to lead the way, it can be a fruitful and worthwhile endeavor.

With so many competing organizations looking to only take on your wallet, Collegiate Sports Advocate is a breath of fresh air. While the service is not free (because really what value comes from free), it will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Just knowing where your athlete should go, and what steps they should take helps families avoid a lot of money pits and false guidance.

If you are a family interested in the recruiting process, Cheri is happy to speak with you at no cost to let you know how her proven system works. You can reach her anytime through Facebook Messenger or at 949-633-9944. Her email address is We assure you that you will not regret your decision to partner with Collegiate Sports Advocate!


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