A Letter to My Softball TEAM at the End of the Season

A Letter to My Softball Team at the End of the Season:

It is at this time every year, when the grass on the softball fields begins to brown from too much summer heat and the stains on your uniform are no longer fazed by your moms Iron Out, that I am able to look back and reflect on the past many months with each of you.

And today, I just want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you!

Each one of you has taught me something valuable about the game, and about life. Each one of you has not only made ME a better coach, but a better person. Each one of you has created a lasting impression on me.

Each one of you has mattered.

Each of you has been important.

Each of you has been a special blessing to this team.

You may not all have the same gifts, but you have GIFTS nonetheless – and my hope for each of you is that you remain constantly aware of how amazing you are and will carry your gifts forward to the big world in front.You are special. And capable. And strong. And talented. And never NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise. 

You have made me laugh. You have made me cry. You have made me happy. You have made me frustrated at times. But mostly, you have made me proud. Proud to be your coach, proud to represent you on the field, proud to be part of the fastpitch community and proud to wear a jersey that matches yours.

You may not realize right now, but this season you have all grown up so much. Each of you has worked hard, and have fought your own private battles to become not just a better softball player, but a better young lady. You have also created memories for yourself, for each other and for your families, that I sincerely hope will sincerely leave a lasting life long impression.

My hope is that 15 years from now, you will look back on these days spent on the softball field – and despite the struggles and frustrations and trying moments that you may have had, be filled with joy. My hope is that when our paths cross in 8 years when you are graduating high school, you will invite me to your graduation. That you will offer me a hug, and say “Hey Coach, remember that time we got rained out and decided to slide in the mud?”Hey coach, remember that one time you said I wouldn’t hit the ball and I hit one out of the park?” “Hey coach, remember that one time when I thought no one else in the world was there for me, but YOU WERE!” “Hey coach, remember when you shaved your head and wore a tutu after we won the championship game?” 

While right now – you are tired and a little worn out and it may not seem like we had the perfect season – I hope that when you reach back in your childhood file, you see just how much FUN we had. Sure, sometimes, I lost my temper. Sometimes you lost your focus. Sometimes we got annoyed with one another. Sometimes things didn’t seem fair. We lost a lot of games and we won a lot of games. But all in all, I have to say that we had a great season. And that my friends, is because of each one of YOU! Each one of you amazing, talented, gifted girls who stuck it out, left it all on the field, and never gave up on each other or yourselves.

If I was a great coach this year, then it means that I helped instill the love of the game inside your heart.That has been my goal. That is my #1 JOB. 

My last piece of coaching advice for you is to keep playing for as long as you can, for as long as you LOVE the game. Of course, I want you to continue next season playing with me, but if you do not – keep playing anyways. Never quit! As long as you feel that pull towards the brick-dust and grass, toward the worn out leather glove in your moldy bat bag, follow your heart and keep playing.

And never ever forget about the unique, special gifts that YOU and YOU ALONE have to offer this world…  




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