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Its January. Which means we are getting closer and closer to the start of (eeeekkkk) softball season! Who else cannot wait?

The smell of grass, and dirt, and sweaty girls, and the concession stand hamburgers. The clinking of the bats, the giggles and laughter and cheering and applause…. Shall we go on?????

It’s right around the corner. 

But we know that its not always easy for us ADULTS to sit there at the fields and be completely calm and cool as cucumbers. If the kids only knew that albeit blessed we are to be there, it is also awfully difficult some days to endure the stress and nervous nail biting that takes place while we are there.

So. We found a no calorie solution.

This idea actually came from our favorite coach in the whole wide world, who is constantly shoving a disgusting towel in his mouth to keep himself from saying whatever it is he is thinking at the moment. (He thinks it hides his crazy, but the truth is we KNOW what he is really thinking)

His towel toting has saved him a million times over, and the truth is we aren’t sure if that towel every gets washed from week to week. (It certainly doesn’t look like it!)

Drum Rolllllll please….. This season – use the Blu Chew ®! And for the first 100 customers its free of charge. (just pay shipping)! 


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