8 Things to do NOW for Your Spring Softball Team

It’s a New Year! Which means that the days are getting L O N G E R and spring, is hopefully (fingers crossed) right around the corner, and that means that SOFTBALL SEASON is on its way and that also means that WE at Softball Is For Girls are excited!main blog overlay copy

We are old pros at this. And today, we will review 8 things you need to do RIGHT NOW, yes RIGHT NOW for your softball team. So get those holiday decorations put away and lets start focusing on what really matters in life! 🙂

  1. Get your team situated if you have not already. Fall season is sort of a flaky disorganized fluke and players come and go and players and parents change their minds. So. If you don’t have your roster set, try to get it there NOW. We also suggest collecting commitment fees from every player that says they want to play NOW (if you didn’t in fall) to help pay for all the forthcoming expenses that come with the calendar year change. Tip….There are a lot of players who will be happy to participate in indoor workouts and cages, but who don’t pay commitment fees and then abandon you as soon as the first sprigs of green grass hit. Its time for folks to make a decision, and the best decision is made with cash. 
  2. Get your new insurance. It doesn’t matter when last year you bought your team insurance, it expires January 1st – NOT one calendar year from date of purchase. We have always used Chappell Insurance (and that’s a free marketing plug right there) because of ease of use, and cost. You can often find discounted rates through USSSA or other tournament sites.
  3. Collect your documents for your team now. Birth certificates, signed player and parent contracts (more on that later this week), medical forms and insurance information. SIZES for shirts and pants and everything in between. It takes some folks forever to remember to provide you with these things, so do it now before the season is in full swing. (We recommend appointing someone from the team parent collection to handle this). Put all information in a binder and keep it with your ball stuff, so you always have it when you need it.
  4. Make a DARN schedule! If you want players and parents to commit to your season, you need a plan. We also ask our entire team if they have any travel plans or weekends they cannot play, and try to work tournaments around those dates. Most travel agencies have already published their 2017 tournament schedule. Take advantage of early bird signup discounts for tournaments, and go ahead and get a tentative schedule together. We have found providing a schedule earlier rather than later greatly reduces chances of kids missing tournaments and leaving you hanging. Plus it gives parents a chance to PLAN. Tip…Print it out, text it, email it, have parents sign it. Don’t just give it to kids and expect them to hand it over. 
  5. UNIFORMS. This actually should have already been done, but if not do not fret. Just plan on making this a priority. We 100%, no doubt, personally recommend Two Five Apparel. We have personally utilized them 3 years in a row after always using someone local and have found them to be even easier to work with, and they are eager to please – send out amazing quality for a great price, WORK FAST, and are actually just downright friendly and fun to work with. I truly believe they honestly care more about satisfying their customers than anything else. You can request a quote NOW by clicking here.... But don’t delay, or else you will get caught up with all the last minuters. TIP….Order at least 5 more jerseys than you need for player turnover and pick up play and choose the largest size appropriate for your age group. sifg square ad 1
  6. The “F” Word. FUNDRAISE! Yikes…It’s January, everyone is poor because of the holidays, but you need to start planning fundraisers NOW. And here’s why. When baseball season hits full fury, you will find many perspective sponsors will be tapped out of sponsorship money because they gave it all to baseball teams. And if you start early, you can do more fundraisers until you hit your goals. Hit up local businesses, ask parents to see if their work places want to make a donation, and plan for fundraisers. One of our favorite, because it actually works and because it actually sells something everyone needs is the Bucket of Soap fundraiser. This is a great, down to earth guy who works hard, and has really done a fabulous and easy fundraiser you can actually earn money from (ALL SPORTS TOO, not just Softball!) So hit up the Bucket Man (by clicking right here)  and see what he can do for you. No one needs 55 candy bars. But they will always need detergent.   Tip….Make sure that you have at least 2-3 people involved in the fundraising books so that you are never accused of ‘stealing’ or mishandling money. And keep receipts. 

bucket-of-soap-logo7. World Series. If you are planning a World Series, plan it now. Please don’t expect your parents to buy into this June 1st. Do it now. Make sure you know the rules (they are all different), where you are going to play, and dates so parents can secure lodging. And….CHECK OUT THE ASSOCIATIONS RULES FOR ENTRY. Let us say this again. Check out, then check again, then get someone else to check the ASSOCIATION RULES FOR WORLD SERIES ENTRY. Many require you attend X amount of tournaments, or at acquire X amount of points, or attend a classified state tournament before you can enter. So don’t get caught being a dummy and unprepared. And, consider ALL the costs. You will need trading pins (Dragonaiire PINS (Click here to reach out to them) does the VERY best ones but they get busy fast and these are CUSTOM items. ) gift bags, an extra shirt of jersey (WE LOVE DOING WORLD SERIES SHIRTS and we OFFER them at a DISCOUNT so contact us too).

logo8. Secure your fields. ASAP. If they are covered in snow and no one is thinking about softball fields, than it is the perfect time to secure your practice fields. And…..MAKE A SCHEDULE. Set aside your practice days now and try to keep them consistent. Reach out to field managers, rec departments, schools etc to find the cheapest way to get 4 hours a week on a softball field.

So. What are you waiting for??? You got things to do. NOW. Right now! 


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  1. Howard Gottlieb on January 4, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    Here’s a good resource for softball fundraisers: https://www.easy-fundraising-ideas.com/programs/softball-fundraising/

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