10 Ways to Tell if Your Team is the G.O.A.T (Greatest of all Time)

10 Ways to Tell if Your Team is the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All time!) 

It’s that time of year again when the upside down turn over of teams and athletes starts taking place. Spring and summer ball is over – and tryouts are posted everywhere for teams looking for players. Local recruiting tactics take over and coaches are all trying to scrounge up the most talent they can find, making promises and building up their teams reputation in the hopes of ‘signing’ on the best players. And likewise, parents are looking for the greener grass to plant their daughters’ cleats. 

And during this time of madness that rivals the NFL football draft, everyone is looking for the best team/players they can find. But, what if…just think about this for a minute…you are already on the greatest team for YOUR child? 

So today, we review 10 Ways You Can Tell if Your Team is the proverbial G.O.A.T! The Greatest of All Time! (Because WHO KNOWS…you might already be in that perfect place!  

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  1. Your daughter’s skill set is growing! She is learning new things, and the coaches foster her growth by allowing her to play different positions. Maybe the team is not the winningest around, maybe they aren’t going to PGF qualifiers, but your daughter is ‘winning’ because HER talent level and SELF CONFIDENCE is growing with each tournament
  2. The coaches treat the players with respect and instill and EXPECT a culture of respect on the team. This doesn’t mean that the kids are not forced to take a lap, or do a burpee, or that a struggling player is never pulled from a game. It means that the coaches respect the players and that they expect the players to respect one another. 
  3. The kids are held ACCOUNTABLE!!! Parents don’t usually love this part, because they don’t want to see their kid blamed, or responsible for something or have their feelings hurt. But good teams hold the players accountable for their actions – ALL THE PLAYERS, accountable for their actions and performance. And this may come with consequences that us parents don’t always like because we are worried about kids feelings. And many of us freak out about playing time, or position alignment ONLY when we feel like our kid is not getting what they want….
  4. The kids have coaches, teammates, and FELLOW parents that believe in them and cheer them ALL ON. Because the success of THE TEAM is more important than the success of the individual, and the greatest teams live this motto from the infield, outfield, dugout, and BLEACHERS. You spend a lot of time with these people, so they might as well ‘feel like family!’
  5. Your daughter is building real-world relationships with her teammates. In this virtual world they live in, we need to foster every chance our kids get to have healthy face to face relationships. 
  6. The team, regardless of their level of play, is making positive progress. It’s easy to pay the dues and put your daughter on a ‘big time’ team, that ensures bragging rights. It’s easy to be on a team that continuously replaces players with new recruits. Winning is easy. But this doesn’t always equate to the individual or team progress as a unit, and it doesn’t mean your daughter is winning. 
  7.  Your daughter looks forward to practices and tournament days. (Okay, so she still may be a little grumpy during the 5:00am wake-up call) but other than that…her LOVE of playing softball is still strong. 
  8. YOUR daughter LOVES her team! She loves her team. She loves wearing her team softball shirts, and her friends and her coaches – even on the bad days, she loves her team. 
  9. You aren’t having to take out a second mortgage on your house in order to afford to play. Too many families are taking on too much financial stress, for a kids game. Unless your child is truly in the top 1% of the top 1%, this softball gig will not pay for a full ride to a D1 school and WE PROMISE YOU, things change A LOT between 12U and high school graduation.
  10. Last but certainly not LEAST….your daughter is HAVING FUN! Because HAPPY girls are the PRETTIEST!

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