10 Life Lessons Brought to You By Softball!

I was eating dinner with a friend of mine and we were talking about the enormous differences between some siblings. She and her siblings were very similar but me, well my story was quite different. At that exact moment I said out loud  “Thank God for softball.” It probably saved me from a lot of harsh lessons in life.

The true fact is I know softball created an incredibly different path for me. It has often as an adult allowed me to reflect on what an instrumental role softball played in my development and what a huge impact it makes on the hundreds of thousands of girls that have ever played.

So I created 10 Reasons why SOFTBALL is an essential part of your daughters development into adulthood
1. Softball teaches players time management skills. I see players ( and parents) juggle their schedule between practice, lessons, workouts and games. This is a huge attribute in a player’s growth as an adult and in their future career.
2. Softball teaches an individual to work within a group of incredibly different personalities to accomplish the same goal. Does this sound like a possible job endeavor? It does to me.
3. Softball builds character. It may sound trite and simplistic but the game of softball really develops a sense of respect and integrity at a young age.
4. Softball families and friendships last a lifetime. No one other than another person that played softball will ever understand what it’s like to be in this game. I’ve found those friends have been with me for half my lifetime.
5. Softball builds self-esteem. There’s something that develops confidence in a young girl when she accomplishes something based on her talent and not her looks. 
6. Players learn that there’s more to their world than themselves. A team and its actions affect every member of that team.
7. Softball develops an overall picture; in other words there’s an end game to their journey . For some girls its college, some players plan on playing pro, for others its high-school . But it creates the opportunity to have a plan and create a path to that plan. 
8. Girls that are involved in sports are less likely to get involved in drugs, drinking and other (ahem) activities at a young age.
9. Softball creates a tremendous sense of acceptance. For players that always lacked a group or family, your softball community is always waiting to embrace you.
10. Softball teaches players to think outside of the box. How are you going to get faster? Get into the school you want? Change positions? Beat this team? Hit of this pitcher? The opportunity is there. 
An extra but it’s so important. Plain and simple it’s fun. Being good at something, playing with your friends, traveling. Ask any former player.. They would trade places with their students, players any day.

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