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Super Heroes Wear Facemasks

When Mizzou's pitcher Finucane,  took a line drive to the face Sunday during super regionals - we immediately put up prayer requests. Personally, as a parent to TWO high school aged pitchers, seeing this worst nightmare actually come true, sent chills down our spine, as we sure it did to every … Continue Reading...


Should My Daughter Play UP?

      The question of whether or not to allow your daughter to play up, is common. The reality is that there is no cut and dry answer. Many people consider 'playing up' as a marker of a girls talent, when in truth - all kids develop and master skills at different ages. … Continue Reading...


To Facemask or Not to Facemask?

It's a popular debate. To facemask or NOT to facemask? And most folks feel strongly one way or the other. Caitlyn Ford's parents didn't mind their daughter pitching without a face-mask. In fact, she had gone from wearing one to not wearing one, and as innings and games went by without incident, … Continue Reading...


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Against the Odds -

For our first player/team of the week featured player, we are actually getting a little personal. Thankfully, our own children don't read the website, or else we would certainly be in trouble for writing about one of our own daughters. Or for writing about ONLY one of our own daughters. You get it, its lose-lose for us no matter how we look at it, but we also feel very inspired, and very proud … [Read More...]