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For Softball Parents

Maybe just maybe,  I would sleep in late - or plan a fancy dinner date. Eat a homemade breakfast served at noon, get an even suntan, while listening to tunes. Weed the yard and mow the grass, clean the gutters, save some cash. Get the laundry done and windows clean, catch up on all the shows I … Continue Reading...

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Softball Dads

Last week, there was a comical post going around the internet that described all the different types of SOCCER MOM. It was light-hearted and poked fun at nearly every one of us moms and our idiosyncrasies. But wait - we thought! What about the soccer err, uhhh SOFTBALL dads? Softball dads are … Continue Reading...


The Sins of the Father (or Mother)

There is an old adage that the perfect team of youth athletes would consist of a team of orphans. And one of the ugly truths of youth sports is that the adults (parents) are most often the culprit in turning what should be an empowering atmosphere - into one full of drama and stress. We get a … Continue Reading...


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Against the Odds -

For our first player/team of the week featured player, we are actually getting a little personal. Thankfully, our own children don't read the website, or else we would certainly be in trouble for writing about one of our own daughters. Or for writing about ONLY one of our own daughters. You get it, its lose-lose for us no matter how we look at it, but we also feel very inspired, and very proud … [Read More...]