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Traits of a Great Softball Coach | Softball is For Girls

The fastpitch softball community has been blessed with an immense amount of empowering, passionate softball coaches that give a large amount of their time to help the hundreds of thousands of girls out there who play ball, take their game to the next level. Sure, there are a few 'rotten apples' out … Continue Reading...


Playing Through Pain

Given any weekend, starting at 12U and above, you can visit a local tournament and see the fields polka dotted with girls wearing color KT tape, knee and ankle supports, and icing their arms and backs, elevating their feet, and popping anti-inflammatory pills between games. Sure softball can be a … Continue Reading...

coaches daughter

The Coach’s Daughter

Maybe we have been doing this too long. But so very often (unfortunately) when watching a fast-pitch softball game, we can decidedly tell who the coaches daughter is without the words "Mom, or Dad" ever being utilized. In fact, after 15 years on the field, we would be willing to bet money on our … Continue Reading...


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Against the Odds -

For our first player/team of the week featured player, we are actually getting a little personal. Thankfully, our own children don't read the website, or else we would certainly be in trouble for writing about one of our own daughters. Or for writing about ONLY one of our own daughters. You get it, its lose-lose for us no matter how we look at it, but we also feel very inspired, and very proud … [Read More...]