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Mound Time

We get  a lot of emails from parents of pitchers, especially those just starting out in 10 and 12U. Many parents are on teams where they are concerned that their daughter is not getting enough mound time. Or they are on a team that has 3-5 pitchers, and they don't like or agree with the … Continue Reading...


Six Simple WORDS Your Softball Player NEEDS to Hear

What SIX SIMPLE WORDS DOES YOUR LITTLE DIAMOND DIVA REALLY NEED TO HEAR? On the SIFG Facebook page, we are inundated with questions and rants from parents and even from players, about the problem with parents on the field.  Let's be honest!  None of us are ALWAYS  flawless spectators.  We all, … Continue Reading...

To Wear a Uniform

Sometimes at the strangest places, insight can hit! Last week, standing at the Fort Benning Infantry museum, watching soldier after soldier exit the building in their uniforms - matching browns and boots and caps - I realized the sheer, amazing power and blessing that it is to adorn a uniform. … Continue Reading...


team of the week1

Team of the Week: 12U RBI Girls

"Within Cincinnati lies the RBI community; located in Roselawn Park, the P&G Urban Youth Academy is a beautiful 33,000 foot indoor facility complete with an indoor playing field, baseball cages, classrooms, and much more. The RBI community is a Major League Baseball sponsored organization dedicated to providing free baseball and softball instruction, strength and conditioning, training and … [Read More...]