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The Value of School-Ball | Softball is for Girls

For many folks, it is the beginning of another school-ball softball season. This is when families leave their comfortable softball families and venture out to be paired with put simply, "girls that they go to school with." And then come the questions and complaints, and accusations of … Continue Reading...


Bully Softball Parents

We will start this post with a valuable reminder.  The success of another child, in no way takes away, hinders, or diminishes the success of your child. There is enough room in this world for everyone to succeed. As someone who has been immersed in this fast-pitch life for a long time, I tend … Continue Reading...

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The Players Commitment Letter

OUR NEWEST DESIGN! And it's JUST $12 this week while supplies last. As a member of a TEAM, each and every person – from the coaches and parents to the players and fans, play an integral part in the success of the TEAM. The first thing, and perhaps most important thing to remember for ALL … Continue Reading...


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Against the Odds -

For our first player/team of the week featured player, we are actually getting a little personal. Thankfully, our own children don't read the website, or else we would certainly be in trouble for writing about one of our own daughters. Or for writing about ONLY one of our own daughters. You get it, its lose-lose for us no matter how we look at it, but we also feel very inspired, and very proud … [Read More...]