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Mays TEAM Give-AWay

We love our fans. We couldn't do what we do without you. That's just one reason why we want to give away an entire TEAMS worth of shirts! And entering to win is easy, with no purchase required. Plus, you will get to choose which shirt you want for your team. CONTEST RULES:  You must complete the … Continue Reading...


When My Daughter Comes up to Bat | Softball is for Girls

Oh My God, how many outs do we have?  Two outs. Are you serious????? Oh God,(folding head into hands) why does she always come up to bat when there are two outs with people on base? This is ridiculous, oh please, I hope she doesn't miss.  If she misses we are definitely going to lose this game. … Continue Reading...


A Day in the Life of a T1D Softball Player

This picture......sparked a little controversy yesterday when it was posted on Facebook with the question "does anyone know what this is?" A few people knew the answer right away. Test strips for a glucometer. Many others thought they were arrow nocks. And there were a lot of people … Continue Reading...


team of the week1

Team of the Week: 12U RBI Girls

"Within Cincinnati lies the RBI community; located in Roselawn Park, the P&G Urban Youth Academy is a beautiful 33,000 foot indoor facility complete with an indoor playing field, baseball cages, classrooms, and much more. The RBI community is a Major League Baseball sponsored organization dedicated to providing free baseball and softball instruction, strength and conditioning, training and … [Read More...]