Softball. Family.. Commitment…

SIFG | Softball Is For Girls

What there isn’t enough emphasis on, is that sometimes we find ourselves so busy DOING life, and being apart of the team that we forget how to be a family at home. Today, we wear the busy badge like a medal of honor. We all do it, this isn’t judgment. We joke about taking our vacations with the team, and not being home enough to cut the grass, or constantly having to snag food on the go. We post on social media about how busy busy busy our lives are – and feel almost smug about it.

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New Ways to Look at Your Softball Family

When it comes to our softball team, the reality is that they become family. Softball teams and their families spend an immense amount of time together. And just like our regular family, our softball family is sure to be full of different characters who get on our nerves. And chances are WE (meaning you) get on…

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