What the Heck Is Going on in Her Head!?!?! | Softball is For Girls

teenage girl softball player emotions

So why all this oversharing you ask? You don’t know what these girls are going through. You don’t ever really know what happened today at school, or in the dugout out of earshot. If you are wondering what is going on with one of your players because they seem distant, or off – try hard not to make a spectacle or example of her, especially if this is not her norm. Learn how to read the room when it comes to these girls. They have bad days, that as adults we would say they are just being silly. We can tell them all the right things, but I promise you – they still get hurt and question their worth on the daily. Extra in today’s world of fake.

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10 Tips for Fastpitch Softball Players | Softball Is For Girls

 Ball FIRST! As with all things in life, priorities will make or break us. We have to ‘bloom where we are planted’ so to speak, and in fastpitch defensively or offensively, it means your first priority is the ball. If you are always moving toward the ball, always following the ball, keeping your eye on the ball, it will lead you to exactly where you need to be. So keep it simple, and repeat the mantra BALL FIRST in your head while you are playing. And remember the ball is your friend…it’s one of the main reasons you are on the field. So keep it simple. Ball first. 

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