most likely to throw a sneaky changeup softball pitcher shirt

So here’s the warning. DO YOU. DO YOUR FAMILY. When your girls are young, play for the fun and the challenge and the growth that your child needs. HOLD TO YOUR MORALS. HOLD TO YOUR OWN VALUES. Try not to feel threatened everytime you run into your former teammate who is shitting glitter about the new, big, best, travel team they are on. Stay calm.

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Softball Team Questionaire| Softball Is For Girls

University of South Carolina softball

If you are a softball coach who truly values the input of his or her players, and promises not to get butthurt or defensive, this softball team questionnaire is a wonderful way to build team communication and allow your players to take ownership and reflect on performance. Download your free printable copy.

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We Failed. Miserably. Read on! | Softball is For Girls

kindness is magic

No laughing. I thought how this could change lives. I thought about how words of kindness could literally change the course of someone’s life, especially because we NEVER EVER EVER know what these kids are going through on the day to day. I thought about the kindness of strangers I’ve encountered in my life as a confused teenager who made an impact.

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An Open Letter from the Benchwarmer | Softball is for Girls

girl playing softball

So here is what I want to say. At some levels of this game – sure, the benchwarmer has a big responsibility. But if you and your team are just playing local tournaments, and a fun World Series – albeit competitive, please stop adding benchwarmers to your team. Warm bodies, just in case. And please stop telling the benchwarmers that they just have to work a little bit harder, and then when they do – going out and finding someone else, or a pick up player to do what us benchwarmers thought we were going to get a chance at doing.

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KP! | SIFG Player Fan Feature

girl softball player holding bat

KP is a 2029 catcher/utility player on the TEST fastpitch team out of San Antonio, TX.  This kid is a true gem! KP is an extremely hard working athlete. She puts in the work every single day and it shows! And to her, it isn’t work at all, it’s an enjoyable privilege. She is always…

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When your Cleats hit the Ground! | Softball is For Girls

I’m not sure if it’s the softball pants, the jersey or the glove,But everything about you suddenly seems to glow with LOVE!I t’s in these moments at the field, you’re carefree and having fun, That confidence, happiness and beauty – join perfectly as one.

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To My Daughter Who Did NOT make “THE” team! | Softball is For Girls

Dearest Daughter…So you did not make the team; I watched you meticulously pick out matching softball outfits to wear for the tryouts. We bought new cleats and practiced for weeks and weeks ahead of time. Ground balls, and hitting, and fielding and pop flies galore. You have grown so much in your softball ability over…

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Happiness Is | Softball Is For Girls

For parents, it’s sometimes so easy to spend our time worrying and stressing about the ‘struggles.; The team drama, the playing time, what we feel is fair and unfair, bad calls and bad luck. It’s easy to worry about the money, what the best thing to do for our daughter is, and to feel frustrated…

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5 Things the Scorebook Misses | Softball is For Girls

WIns and losses, and on base percentages don’t tell the entire story. Each game,each tournament there are some things that players do that make all the difference in the mental strength and confidence. These are just some of the things the scorebook leaves out.

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Respect the Dirt | Softball is For Girls

The school my children attend, recently completed the construction of a new gymnasium at the high school to the tune of 7.2 million dollars. 7.2 MILLION DOLLARS! For a place to run and play sports in. A place to have pep-rallys. Yeah, it’s nice…but 7.2 million dollars?????? This sparked our curiosity and we started doing…

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