Should Facemasks Be Mandatory?

Our goal with Facemask February Awareness, is not to launch an all out rule change in every fastpitch organization that insists on making/forcing kids wear a facemask.

But rather to stifle the thoughts that somehow a girl wearing a mask is weak, or untrained, or not a good ball player. Because that is just not true. That is false. That is absurd. That is just the sort of egocentric attitude that gets a girl hurt.

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The Fastpitch Players Face!

We have 4 daughters that play softball. And we can tell you, that the summer struggles with the fastpitch players face are REAL! Between the sweat, and dirt, and grit, and more sweat and dirt – plus helmets and facemasks and headbands and long hours on the field¬†– acne is often a side affect of…

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February FACEMASK Awareness Month | softball is for girls

It’s February. And February means that many of us are starting our new seasons, whether it be for recreation leagues, travel and select ball or school ball. (Or all of the above) The smell of fresh-cut grass, and having our hair full of brick-dust from sitting by the dusty fields – morning sunrise and sunsets,…

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